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Currently in the application process of joining the Royal Marines however I have been doing some research in regards to the medical however I am unsure on whether my diagnosis for my knee injury is a bar from entry or not?

In 2011 It was stated that I had been diagnosed with 'anterior tibial spine avulsion', and 'full thickness posterior horn meniscus tear' which where both operated on and repaired.

Everything was confirmed as a success and I have made a full recovery however I am just wondering whether anyone has any past knowledge of these injuries and whether it is worth proceeding with the application? I currently have my medical records in regards to this injury at hand with the hope that I would be able to confirm this however I am still unsure.


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What stage of the application are you at?

The best people to answer your question are the recruitment medical staff. You should have a triage call with an occupational health nurse as part of the recruitment process (prior to the medical) and you can discuss/ask any questions then.

Absolutely continue with your application.


Just started the application and will be organising a meeting with the local AFCO soon.

Thanks for the information, I will definitely be continuing with the process however did come across the below in the "JOINT SERVICE MANUAL OF MEDICAL FITNESS" which does sound related to my injuries:

"c. Intra-Articular fractures involving the upper and lower limb joints. Early osteoarthritis is the norm. Candidates with a history of these fractures are normally graded P8."

Will make sure I ask about this though. Appreciate your response.
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