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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. Here we go again, he must now be being seen internationally as a bit of a joke.


    David Cameron has been accused of committing a "dangerous" gaffe when he appeared to suggest that Iran had a nuclear weapon.

    Labour former Europe minister Chris Bryant said the Prime Minister was gaining a reputation as a "foreign policy klutz" who had his feet "firmly planted in his mouth".

    His attack came after Mr Cameron said Turkey would be an important political influence because it could help solve some of the world's problems "like the Middle East peace process and the fact that Iran has got a nuclear weapon".
  2. His Lexus plated cycling veneer is beginning to wear off :roll:
  3. Whoops! I hear an echo of Blair's WMD; 45 minute threat from Iraq speech

    Hopefully this was just a slip of the tongue and we aren't now going to see a spate of dodgy dossiers.
  4. Perhaps he knows something we (and the media) don't!
  5. I'm sure the whole world had its eyes on Hove, waiting on his every word....
  6. Former Minister Chris Bryant from the recently defeated Labour government of course not having any axe to grind at all, and refraining from making anything other than balanced and inciteful comment in the respected international journal that is the Leicester Mercury of course...

    In other news, opposition MP who got a bit of a shock in May plays to gallery in local rag to shore up majority....
  7. Not wishing to defend any pollies of whatever hue they may be ....... but don't these people have staff who are suposed to do research, and aides to draft their speeches for them ?

    As for his two 'gaffes' - Pakistan does have two faces (how many of that country have been found to be training - or is that travelling in Taliban/Alky Ada areas ??, and it has been a well known fact that Iran has been doing resarch and trials into developing nuclear weapons - who's to say that they don't actually already possess a limited yield weapon ?
    You can bet your bottom euro that the Security services will not admit to having inteligence on the ground !
  8. kinross_special, I am sure that you can check out other respected international journals if you doubt the validity of the story. :)

    Or is it that you don't like anyone having a justified dig at the lovely Dave?
  9. I don't doubt that it is a "story" in many papers. However, I also know that it is August, month of skateboarding ducks and drunken slugs. I wounln't describe "Dave" as lovely, but then neither do I think that the dig is justified.

    As someone who does quite a lot of media handling, I would say that the press, for whatever reason, has decided that it is Dave makes a slip of the tongue month, and is consequently watching his mouth intently. I doubt whether you, I, or anyone else would come through that "blamelessly" - although I am disputing that there is anything to be blamed for.

    Meanwhile, the perss can polish whatever they do pick up by getting whichever disaffected rentagob Labour MP they might have on speed dial to sound off. There but for the grace of God....

    And that's all it is really. Saying 1940 when you mean 1940s. Saying Iran has got a nuclear bomb when, in fact, if it hasn't it is closer than anyone else on earth except that other bastion of freedom and democracy North Korea.

    The other "gaffes" were to support Turkish membership of the EU (which is longstanding Tory policy and was indeed in the manifesto), and to actually speak truthfully about Pakistan for once.

    Whether you like him or not, and I suspect I know which side of the fence you're on, I'm starting to get the impression that MR C does very little unintentionally.....
  10. EXACTLY wot 'e said!
  11. Cages need to be rattled, and he's doing well....keep it up DC
  12. In your opinion just what will be the effect of this alleged 'cage rattling’?

    I prefer to stick by my opinion of him, he gobs off without thinking or knowing the facts, saying the drivel he comes out with is intentional, is far too generous. I think we need to send a more polished politician on these foreign jaunts, if they have one.
  13. It's okay now guys ... they are the best of buddies again !!

    (That'll be another few billion of taxpayer dosh into the pocket of the visiting VIP :wink: )
  14. Nothing to do with floods and wanting (more) foreign aid then!!
  15. Anyone see how on the first televised election debate, he mentioned China as a future threat?

    We all know it but you can't say it!

    Not yet anyway.

    To be honest I like the fella, even if he did go to the upper class mong breeding ground that is Eton.
  16. To quote old Abe... 'Better to say nothing and be thought a fool, than speak out and remove all doubt'. What i cant figure out is why does a country with the wealth for a military nuclear programme need aid? :scratch:
  17. Personally I think it's a guilt trip on the pollies part due to the days of Empire. Pisses me off to be honest.
  18. How right you are Cameron has placated the spat with a promise of more help for the flood disaster and as you say the sweetener will more than likely be more taxpayers money when we can ill afford it.
  19. I voted for change but not for him to break promises on Law and Order,Human Rights and the idiot that is Ken Clarke.
    How can he ring fence Foreign aid whilst cancer patients are dying of lack of drugs/ Eton prat is what he is below the façade.
    Once in power,promises fade.
    I am glad he's cutting out scandalous waste and Quango's though.
    Chris Bryant should talk about things planted in peoples mouths! this is the MP[where was the Standards Committee?]who placed himself on a gay website in scanty tight trunks or whatever.
    Still there could have been worse,Jaqui Smith,Dianne Abbot,Anne Widdecome etc.
    Now some one will say they fancy those three!
  20. Ooooooo Anne's still a virgin :la:

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