Klepper kayaks/canoes

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by dogs_bollox, Apr 24, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,
    Looking for photos of kleppers on land, in water , whatever. Looking to buy one too if anyone has one to exchange for a suitable amount of beer tokens ...........
    PM me to get my e-mail address for photos of Kleppers or Kleppers for sale.
    Also looking to buy one of the old 80's butyl nylon chest rigs if any are still out there. The one with the abseil/STABO harness incorporated in it.

    Dont' want much do I ?? :thanks:

  2. Someone has just been promoted to Sergeant
  3. Until they get the new type, BASS IPT do not dispose of Kleppers; and neither should Units. They are repaired until they become unrepairable; and then cannibalised for serviceable bits. If you do acquire one, it would be best to keep it quiet
  4. Promoted to sergeant ?? Maybe it's DEMOTED to sergeant :rambo: Just kidding. I like the shit at the bottom of the pile. Makes me feel oppressed and downtrodden :threaten:

    Cheers for the info Loggie. Can't think why it's a big deal as the kayaks come from Klepper via a distributer in the UK and I thought that they were just standard Aerius II Quattro Expedition models. You can buy 'em over the counter.

    And 'new type'? What new type ?????? Gimme the gen' if you can.

  5. So nobody here is in a position to help ???? I can't believe I'll have to go ask the Army ^_^;

  6. This is a standard issue rugsy klepper shot. It's pretty old - the boys are wearing the old SF windproofs which were/are as rare as rocking-horse sh*t. Impressive until you realise that it was taken on Hamworthy Lake one standeasy:-


    A couple of SC3's once tested a klepper down to 60 feet water depth when they released the tow-line and it wrapped around the periscope. They were too busy trying to get out of it to take any happy snaps though :thumright:

    This one's more up to date; note the absence of the SMLE or silenced Stirling


    This one has me baffled; might be 'Arry Bosch trying to get away from Port Stanley :thumright:


    PS If you ask the Army for pics then try and get the ones of the aluminium collapsible 'klepper' that was built at the boat-house in Hereford. It worked really well................it collapsed :w00t:

    I'm not sure; but this might be the boat-house at Hereford:-


  7. Ah, now thats what I call booty ingenuity using the carrying handle of M203 to disguise the fizzog, no wastage of the valuable Harry Maskers. Top skills.
  8. PoL, I'm quietly impressed . We (RM) always knew somebody was in charge of this or that bit of kit, but we never knew who nor why things like X, Y and Z were so difficult to order/request. ... But then all of a sudden .... A classic example? Climbing gear, scaffolding, welders' gloves (fast roping was in its infancy back then) and lots of Remington pump action shotguns (before H&K became the wpn of choice) for the first MCT exercises on the rigs in the late 70s with SB and 40. One minute no kit, the next ... Merry Christmas Everybody! Ho Ho Ho! :)

    PS D Bollox .. are you a tall ugly Geordie twot from around 82-84 ish, Poole? :w00t: :thumright: :w00t:
  9. Harry B. Ah! seek and ye shall find. Maritime Supply Chain Management Instruction 2.46 lists all the Naval Inventory Management Codes (Domestic Management Codes in Purplespeak) and tells you the TF number of the person in which IPT who manages it. The Supply boys in Poole and Hereford are intimately acquainted.
  10. Hopefully not in the Biblical sense! :thumright:
  11. Thanks for your input (or otherwise!) lads :thumright: . I've ended up buying a new Klepper now and so would still be interested in photos of them in action and any mods that might help to improve an already great boat.

  12. Bergen, that can't be Hamworthy lake, there's no sign of ice, a pontoon or Ghillie jumping up and down. :evil5:
  13. Ghillie was in the attic playing with his guns, S/Major Shenton was practicing for the DW and I was keeping a really low profile :thumright:

  14. This kit slut is VERY happy with his 'K'. Not exactly a mark 1 Escort Mexico but it gets me and my son to places far from the madding crowd. :thumright:

    Before any smart arse say it : No, I'm not waiting for the tide to come in !!

    Now what can I buy ????? =)
  15. Hell's Teeth - that is a really high tide. Where do you live FFS :thumright:

  16. I have a Klepper Sirius for sale on ebay at the moment very good condition. Location near Shrewsbury tel 01691 839475.

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