KL.FM 96.7: "Navy Boat Visit For King's Lynn"


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"King's Lynn is set to get a special visitor this weekend - and you can meet it.

Royal Navy fast patrol boat HMS Biter will be in King's Lynn this Friday-Sunday.

It's one of fourteen units that form the Navy's first patrol boat squadron and has a crew of five.

It's fairly small - 20 metres long - and is predominantly used for navigation training and will stop in King's Lynn on its way to Scotland.

She'll be open to the public on Saturday afternoon 7th March.

Commanding Officer Matthew Smith told KL.FM the crew are buzzing:

"It's been a few years since the Royal Navy visited King's Lynn so we're really excited to show off our ship - we're really proud of it.

"It also gives the population of King's Lynn the chance to come on board and perhaps see an element of defence they might not have seen before.

"And I have family ties in King's Lynn so it's a massive bonus."

Members of King's Lynn's very own Sea Cadet unit, TS Vancouver, will also be visiting the boat for a tour.

The ship was commissioned in 1986 and this is the HMS Biter's first visit to King's Lynn in 34 years.

"Primarily, the public should come if they're interested and ask questions - we don't open to visitors in every port, so it's a really good opportunity for people to come and see a way of life that a lot of people might not have a direct insight into.

"I also think in a town like King's Lynn - given its geographical location and rich maritime history - a lot of people have relatives who fought in World War 1 or 2 so it might provide them with a chance to compare what their ancestors' experiences were in patrol vessels or the armed forces with what it's like today."

HMS Biter will be berthed on the town pontoon opposite Marriott’s Warehouse and will be open to the public 1-4pm Saturday 7th March.

Access to the ship will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Due to the design of the vessel access may not be available to those with limited mobility.

There is no age restriction and visitors may have to queue for a short period to allow for space on board."


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