Kiwi's new flag

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SONAR-BENDER, Dec 11, 2015.

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  1. I agree SB. Either that or the second choice.
  2. I like it and I am sure if chosen it will connect emotionally with the Kiwis.
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  3. Not convinced.

    Perhaps if we could see what schoolchildren of primary age do with it, we might get a better idea of how simple the basic design is.

    Now, how many fronds is it . . . ?
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  4. I like the design but had never thought about it from that perspective.
  5. their choice for the flag, there was some nice links on the right of page, fit for Billy's binned ladies thread

  6. ........It's about time it was got out of its box in the loft and allowed back.
    I bet the entire thread has been utterly deleted, that's what I think.

    Somebody say sorry. Now back to our original programming.

  7. All they need do Bill is give it a new title and stick it back up , with your approval of new name of course.
  8. Maybe, as a finishing touch, 3 Webb Ellis trophies???:)
  9. That would mean changing the flag every time they the Webb Ellis Trophy, uuummm one way to stick up to the rest of us?
  10. Looks good for their national flag!!! I wonder what the aussies have in mind if they choice to have a new flag? Rolf harris wearing aboriginal clothing throwing a boomerang.
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  11. Will the new flag be adopted as the jack for the RNZN? What will their ensign look like?
  12. If I was a betting man, as it does now but with the new flag replacing the union flag in the hoist upper.
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  13. Polls have it losing in the final, it is generally accepted to be a political scam.
    Prime Minister trying to build a legacy. The Baby Boomers (the voting generation), will not vote for it. Check out RSA -
    Kiwis are generally conservative in nature, this is radical change, and it looks more like a logo than a flag.
    So IF it wins - we have a corporate logo on the Jackstaff, a fish skeleton on a black background, that replaces the Union Jack. The PM originally wanted a silver fern (or Fish Skeleton) on a black background, that was ditched when ISIS became popular - not much thought going into this little project!
  14. Even I had to count the fronds again (I feel I ought to know how many as I am going to be voting on it soon). As Off Caps says, the feeling is that the vote will go for the staus quo, but as the final ballot gets closer I am not so sure.

    As for the new NZ White Ensign? That will be an interesting one. Mr Lockwood has already given it some thought though.'s_New_Zealand_White_Ensign.svg.PNG

    Which way will I vote? I'm still wavering!
  15. Can't see that happening as they would then have the southern cross in it twice which in my opinion would look a little daft.
    The link above looks like a sensible suggestion for a new white ensign. As for what they would do here in Australia well thats a strange one. There is certainly an appetite for a Republic but it doesn't seem to be happening any time soon. People point to non 'British' citizens wanting it and driving the numbers up, but I'm not so sure thats even true. Most of my friends here are Aussie born Asians and most realise a Republic wouldn't change their lives and seem to prefer the status quo because of the celebrity factor.
    If William is the next King (for whatever reason) I don't think the change will happen in my life (I'm 31)
  16. Once a Skimmer - At least in Australia you are looking at it the right way around - shall we become a republic? If yes (or probably, when, at some point) then think about the flag. Rather than here where the PM seems to want a legacy and a new flag will give him his long term place in history. Just my thoughts ...
  17. I quite liked the proposed one but quite happy with the status quo

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