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Kiwi class crew boat


Hi Guys /Girls and undecided,

I am looking a buying a Kiwi Class crew boat and have been informed that it was involved in the Falkland conflict, maybe at the tail end.

Would any of the old and bold have info / pics / plans on this type of boat.

Thanks in advance

Sorry I am Ex Army so please be kind.
That would probably be the New Zealand 75 Harbour Launch. Steel hulled and, if I remember rightly, powered by a supercharged Perkins diesel donk. The charger had a distinctive scream.
There were 3 of these based at Navy Point, Port Stanley from ~ September 1982. I was the boat stoker on Kiwi 1 , imaginatively named Kiwi 1, 2 and 3, from January - June 1984 . The were used to mainly to ferry people and stores around Stanley harbour and to ships at bouys, but were roped in for many other tasks. We towed a few things while I was there: a 40ft container dropped from a Chinook, a RCT Mexe float, Cawsand which was an Aberdovey Class fleet tender used for servicing ships at anchor/bouys in the outer harbour. They were bullet proof machines, worked hard and rarely broke down.
As for the boats themselves they had come from various places, Kiwi 2 & 3 from one of the Dockyard's, Kiwi 1 had been used at a range and as a patrol vessel based in Scotland. Consequently it was fitted out slightly differently to the others. 2 & 3 had passenger accommodation in both fwd and aft cabins, Kiwi 1 had pipecots at the in one of the cabins, a flushing toilet with rudimentary shower and a diesel fired range.
Would like to know more about your purchase.

Deleted 493

I was a stoker on mv Stena Inspector between Oct 82 and Mar 83. We repaired a number of Kiwis, damaged by pissed/careless helmsmanship. The usual repair was (and you'll laugh) copper tingle nailed into place covered by tins and tins of Mazel Metal, sanded smooth and repainted. We had Kiwi 1 and 3 in our welldeck once, both receiving restoration work. They did have that real engine growl about them and you could hear them all over the outer and inner harbours. I had a few (well lubricated) visits to Navy Point on the pretence of topping up our Artemis Generator set fuel tank to visit the Kiwi crews. They were great hosts!


Kiwi 7024

We purchased Kiwi 7024 approx. 15 years ago. As you know they are surprisingly shallow drafted and we had few problems bringing her up a fresh water river where she now resides. Unusually I have all the line drawings, stability curves and service refits which were with the boat. I don't think this information is confidential any longer and you are welcome to copies.
As I am unlikely to return to this site it is probably best to contact me via email. Best wishes with your purchase, they are excellent boats and built of the best, however they are now over 40 years old and corrosion is an issue. Originally they were all fitted with a single Foden FD6, a super charged two stroke diesel that has a characteristic 'screech'. During refits in the 1990's many were re-engined with a Perkins turbo charged diesel and a very heavy duty SCG gearbox.


Wow great information guys.
I am in Spain at present suffinging 40 degrees on a very iffy WiFi connection.

Kwii7024 I will email you on my return.
thanks all.


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You might be better off deleting that last post and PMing your e-mail address PJ.
Hi folks, my friend recently purchased ex RMAS Kiwi launch "Emu" 7020 , we are trying to do some research on her past life, she is pretty much internally fitted out in the same manner as she served .We have some of her service records any information would be greatly recieved .Please PM or email
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