Kitting out a man gym.

I've posted on here previously how I have an intense dislike of the gym. It's full of weird sweaty people in gay clothes and I really can't get my head around why you'd want to go for a bike ride without actually going anywhere.

Having said that, I have a large stable handy which is just ripe for converting into a proper man gym. Being in a stable, you can probably understand that there will not be a drinks cooler, a smoothie bar or MTV in my gym.

My initial thoughts are obviously to fill my old pusser's kit bag up with rags and a bit of sand to make a punchbag to hang from the oak beams. Obviously there will be a pull up bar too. I have the crankshaft from a Rover V8 which I'll clean up and use as a weights bar and a manky old bench that will be perfect for tricep dips and step ups.

Any other thoughts on what I should put in my man gym?

Who needs a gym? Got enough fences around that need repairing / replacing so the nags don't go walkabout .. cutting and stacking hay and general grassland maintenance to provide enough of a cardio workout with that without turning a perfectly good stable into a gym!
An old Pusser's 'rugby' shirt, sleeves and collar ripped (NOTE: not cut) off.

Cycling shorts.

Big bad assed boogie box with extra bass.

A tatoo of VICTORY on your left bicep.
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