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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Ben_C, Nov 5, 2007.

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  1. On my kitlist it says 'Tracksuit', hense the topic.

    These said tracksuits the RN want you to buy;

    I just want to know can you buy your own as I once read about a specific RN tracksuit. Just wondering whether they are real or one mans vision?

    If so, I take it I would want to take the most dull and least exciting tracksuit I can find? In Navy blue of course.

    Anyone shed any light on this one?


  2. If you already have one just take that. If you haven't, just a cheap subtle coloured one will do. You won't wear it enough to justify forking out for a gucci one. And as for the RN tracksuit and hoodies you see sprogs in, well, less said the better.
  3. Cheers matey.

    Nuff' said.
  4. This ones been done before Ben. Take a look at the link

    Tracksuit Post

    I just got a black Adidas Tracksuit from J D Sports, I dont think thier are any rules on what type to wear.

    I hate the ******* thing, I look like a chav, init!
  5. I knew there was a post about it somewhere. Cheers mate.

    I know the feeling, I was looking in some low key 'sports' shops earlier and I still couldn't find something that doesn't look...well, chav!... blud.
  6. Ive just been to somerfields and there was a gang of 8 chavs, all over the age of 16, doing penny for a guy! I mean FFS were is thier self respect. If it was young kids fair enough, but these are men old enough to go to work.

    I am sick of all these little wasters getting away with it, its not societys problem its thier parents. I wouldnt dream of doing what they do when I was a kid, because me mam would of knocked the shit out of me and then my dad would do the same.

    Rant Over.

    Anyway they is not real Chav, cause they dont tuck thier trakkie bottom in thier sock init!

    Can anyone shed any light on why they tuck thier tracksuit bottoms into thier socks, it looks rediculous. I would love to know why.
  7. To stop rats from running up inside? At harvest time, farmers wear bicycle clips or tie laces around their trouser legs for the same reason.
  8. Oh Ye Gods! A chavalanche...
    Is that at Raleigh?
  9. Only during threshing season :rendeer:
  10. They're emulating matelots of yesteryear. Didn't you used to tuck your No.8 trolleys into your nice khaki gaiters? :rofl:
  11. Isn't the one with the blue baseball cap on Prince Philip?

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