Kitchen drawer etiquette

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. Whilst off duty the other day Mrs R-G requested that I spend my time cleaning out the cutlery drawer in the kitchen(She likes to keep me occupied in my free time off from saving lives and wallowing around in pools of blood and vomit)

    I did as requested but on her return following inspection she told me to re-arrange the cutlery in the cutlery tray.

    I enquired,respectfully, if there was a problem.

    Apparently I had laid the said cutlery out in the following order:

    Forks,Knives and Spoons.

    It should be Knives,Forks and then Spoons.

    I asked her why and she said 'Because thats the way they should be'

    Does anybody know if this is the official way,I just laid them out in the order I lay them out on the table?

    We are nearly all right handed in our house except me as I am

    Maybe this is the problem.

    Your views would be most welcome. :thumright:
  2. It depends, are you going left to right or t'other way.
  3. Well, shes a woman so its obviously your fault!
    Am at work at the moment(bloody summer duties again) and so have no idea what order my cutlery drawer is in, I assumed as long as everything is clean in there it doesn't matter. But then what do I know, I'm only a bloke!
  4. id say that you were right because at the moment i work in a resteraunt and the cutlary is stored forks, knifes and spoons.
  5. I do mind forks, spoons, knives - just to throw a spanner (knife) in the works! - don't suppose that helps much.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    The plastic variety used in a MacD may come under different rules. Its stretching things calling a MacD a restaurant :rendeer:
  7. FWIW mine are stowed (front to back) teaspoons, knives, forks, dessert spoons, soup spoons, that being the order of most frequent use.

  8. But.......

    What about the pastry forks, do they go in with the dinner forks, the dessert forks or do they have a compartment of their own? Knives, well do you keep the steak knives in their original box or do you throw them in with the dinner knives and the butter knives? And don't get me started on dessert spoons being mixed with soup spoons or whether or not tea and coffee spoons should be segregated. Its a minefield and whenever it goes wrong c'est toujours ma faute.
  9. Ours is arranged to keep the knives furthest from little hands that may grab a knife. How ever you arrange it, you still end up with one side crammed with all the other utensils.
  10. Hammers, spanners, screwdrivers :tool:
  11. KFS - 'nuff said
  12. Please do not forget the Fish Knives and Forks, along with the Apostile spoons

    Ours are kept in the big wooden felt lined cutlery cabinet they came in
    it is a bugger polishing the silver every week though, they tarnish so quickly

    Jack McH
  13. Is your Butler complaining again? You may have to let him go.....
  14. Rod, in the interest of harmony in your household I will, on arriving home tonight rearrange the cutlery tray in my house to your FKS pattern from the current KFS organised tray and report on the results tomorrow.
    My crystal ball predicts a mild bollicking along the lines of "Why have you done.....etc etc" from the better half.
  15. Utensils, big knives, spoons, forks, little knives, teaspoons at the front...
  16. OK moving along the bus (as there is only so many ways one can have ones cutlery arranged).

    What about the knicker drawer? Do you just throw them in any old how or are they arranged in style and colour, are your socks folded or rolled neatly into little sock balls. I only ask this because Gok Wan (yes him again) was poking around in Lulu's underwear and all of hers is laid out on shelves, like you would see in Agent Provocateur. I felt quite inadequate for a while as mine are all lined up neatly, if a little quashed in a drawer.
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    A lot of these entries are confusing, looking from the front are we talking right to left or left to right?
  19. Hmmm, just another in a line rooting (cough!!) through Lulu's undies .. :thumright: ;)

    Doesn't matter what my drawer is like, the OH just piles them all in together.

    But in line with the original question = KFS top drawer, all others second


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