is our kit up to scrach

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thong said:
news paper the sun

no realy served out there with the RLC i know army yer i left just befor xmas and am now a civi thank i am trying to put together a report to to take to the mod with a list of compaints about kit ect and living conditiond in single servis acomadaition



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wet_blobby said:
andym said:
Well the Blankets are way too scratchy,and theres not enough Oatmeal blocks in a Rat pack.

and the meanies need to bring back mixed fruit pudding :lol:

And that bacon grill, haven't seen that for years!

But no, seriously, I think any report written by thong would be better posted to Father Christmas, he is very skilled at reading child like scratchings!
Asda's/Lidls etc do a fairly passable version of bacon grill if your feeling nostalgic next time the missus drags you shopping......can't find mixed pud though.

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