Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Darbi, Jan 6, 2007.

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  1. Got This Of The RN Site

    Male Quantity

    Underwear (Briefs)
    After Shave As Req
    Shoes 1
    Wet Razor (Not Electric) As Req
    Shaving Foam / Cream As Req
    Spare Blades As Req
    Moisturiser As Req

    Female Quantity

    7 Underwear (Cotton - dark colours) 7
    Bras (White including 1 x sports bra) 4
    Night Clothing 2
    Hair Grips As Req
    Hair Nets As Req
    Female Specific Toiletries As Req
    Shoes 1

    2. Items common to all recruits to be brought on joining are:
    new recruits

    Item Quantity
    Smart Casual Clothing As Req
    Swim Wear (see note 3) 1
    Training Shoes 1 Tracksuit / Suitable Top & Bottoms 1
    Flip Flops 1 Large Towels 3
    Wooden Coat Hangars 3
    Plastic Trouser Version 2
    Letter Writing Material / Stamps As Req
    Black Permanent Mark Pen 1
    Soft Yellow Duster (for shoe polishing) As Req
    Black Shoe Polish (Tin) 2
    Steam Iron (not travel) 1 Clothes Brush 1
    Shoe Brushes (set) 1
    Pressing Cloth (non fluffy / large white hanky) 1
    Sewing Kit (including reels of thread, 1 black,1 dark green,1 white & 1 light blue) 1
    Spray Bottle (for ironing) 1
    Padlock / Key (small or medium) 2
    Spectacles / Contact Lenses As Req

    Washing Powder / Liquid 1
    Spending Money (see note 6) £50
    6. You will need to have £50 in cash on joining HMS Raleigh, ie £50 after any traveling costs, food and sundries en route paid for whilst traveling. On arrival, £22 will be needed as an advance payment to cover anticipated laundry costs and £4 for a hair cut, the remainder can be used to purchase certain sundries from the Londis shop in the first few weeks on an opportunity basis.

    Hair Brush / Comb 1
    Shower Gel 1
    Nail Brush 1
    Toothbrush 1
    Nail Clippers 1
    Toothpaste 1
    Soap / Soap Dish 1
    Scissors 1
    1 Litre Water Bottle 1
    Wrist Watch 1

    3. In order that all administration can be completed in a timely manner, recruits are to bring the following documentation upon joining HMS Raleigh:

    Documents Remarks
    Passport If held
    Birth Certificate / Deedpole Certificates (if applicable) -
    Current Bank Account Details (account no, sort code, bank address) If held
    P45 / P60 From Previous Employer If held
    NHS Medical Health Cards If held
    Next Of Kin Address Details (including telephone no & post code) -
    PT Booklets Issued
    Medical Forms (including prescription for spectacles) As required
    Vaccination & Immunisation Forms If held
    Education Certificates If held

    Is this normal and do you really need everything on that list??
  2. Bottle opener. Didn't see bottle opener. How will you open bottles?
  3. Darbi

    I think the golden rule is that if you do not have it, you will inevitably find that you need it!
  4. Well if you think, if you turn up at Raleigh be it 8 weeks (RN) or 2 (RNR) you are effectively moving home for that period so you need all that stuff. I used to be in the TA and effectively you pulled a 16+ hours a day so there wasnt always the time. Better have and not need than need and not have.

  5. I'm gonna take all those, i don't want to get shouted at :)
  6. Apparently the only thing that no 1 son didn't use once out of all that was the spray bottle - coz his iron had a spraying gizmo of its own! He did also find the NAAFI useful for things - like decent dusters when he discovered the ones he took with him were useless, but remember you can't get to the NAAFI straight away, so take everything if you can.
  7. hope the little changes made might make a little more sense. when you go for your pre joining brief.

    also when you learn to do your shoes you wont use your yellow dusters. you will use either a silvet cloth or cotten wool (you buy them both from the naffi).

    you will use your yellow dusters for cleaning your trainners and locker and for your kit musters.
  8. Who cuts the padlocks off peoples lockers, the DS or some thieving cnut with bolt cutters?

  9. What about white marker and
    Cellotape for de-fluffing?
  10. Nice to know about the padlocks, i'll remember to take 3.
    I use to use kiwi polish on my shoes so have lots.

    Thanks Pooley.
  11. Bloody LONDIS shop???? WTF happened to the NAAFI?
    And whats this about having to pay for a bloody Laundry service???????
  12. Moisturiser As Req ??

    Oh fecking hell.
    I give up, I really do!!
  13. Well a few years ago i wen't for a week down to raleigh with college, kind of a see if the navy is for you thing.
    Packed everything into a week,Marine endurance run,Damage Repair, swim test and those funny orange suits( which has plastic face covers and the pool was steaming hot). We talked to recruits who we're 7weeks into training, alot of them thought it was going to be harder. Guess training isn't what it used to be.
  14. Thats for the Stokers,well you want them to be skin dont you? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. Thats not just the navy :evil:
  16. Lol, I suppose I walked (waltzed?) into that one :D
  17. Yup!PMSL
  19. £4 for a haircut, it was free gratis way back, as was most everything else.
  20. Erm... This should all be supplied FREE by Pusser! As to shaving kit: all you need for shaving is razor + blades plus soap. Shaving soap/cream is totally unnecessary - I wash my face every day and shave my moist face. As for aftershave/moisturiser!?! OK Stokers need it, but ROs?

    Why do the girls need 7 pairs of keks but the lads only need 1 - sounds pretty unhygenic to me! Smelly lot! And what do you need a tracksuit for when shorts, vest and plimsoles will suffice. Talk about softies! :lol:

    Strange lot.

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