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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by D4NPH, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. Anyone here from Yeovilton?

    I left the mob 11 years ago and still have a kit bag full of kit. It's been in my loft ever since and i'm having a clear out.

    I didn't want to just ditch it so i thought somebody still serving might be able to use it.

    If your willing to come around my house in Yeovil and collect it, it's yours.


  2. Finally got around to ditching mine a fortnight ago. 20 + years in the loft and well out of date.

    Good riddance.

    Anyone wants it it's in the skip at Portland. :laughing2::laughing2::laughing2:
  3. How did you manage to keep your kit when getting discharged??? Had to hand all mine in at Victory Barracks in the bad old days:evil3: And sign for it!!! any missing, you had to pay for:confused5:
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  4. I went from full time to the reserves, so managed to keep hold of it. It probably is out of date, but i thought maybe someone could exchange it?
  5. The only things I had to return after 22 was all my flying kit and my gasperator. Oh yeh and a tropical kit bag which was written off as I said I had never been issued one!!!!!
  6. What've you got? <.<
  7. Had loads of yours nicked ??already Doc:scratch:
  8. Time for you to let him into the secret of midnight sloops Scouse:happy7:
  9. Get it on eBay, it's Make a Walt Happy Week next week...
  10. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Two kit books is the way to go... one that records the initial minimum kit issue, and the second that records all of the other issues you manage to obtain from blanket stackers....
  11. Took my kit to the store in my grip, had it signed off, told to put it in the skip on my way out, he went back to the office, I put it back in my grip walked passed the skip and went home. Simples!:thefinger: Allegedly!
  12. I still have a pussers green case, kitbag & hammock, belt, housewife, wooden name stamp, two collars plus other kit in case.

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