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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by SRT1, Aug 4, 2009.

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  1. Provided I always lock my locker and put name tags on every piece of clothing how much stuff could I reasonably expect to 'go missing' during basic training?
  2. I'm not sure about todays youth but in my day absolutly nothing, no room for tealeafs in the RN shippers. They tend to get a hatch dropped on their pinkies.
  3. Agree with you there alacrity174,i never used to lock my locker all the time,only when i was away on weekends and off course main leave,i think i experianced thievery three times and said thief didnt like what happened to him,not just the smack in the teeth but the totall embaressment of being on skippers table for thieving, 8)
  4. Most people are there to learn about their new career and not see if they can half inch your used shoe polish.

    Provided your sensible nothing should go missing.
  5. Thank you very much for the reassurance.
  6. Beware of the borrowers and lenders!

    If any kit goes missing it is normally on yomps but not to worry the kind man trailing behind with the stripes who is employed to pick up all mislayed kit/items will return it along with discarded mars bar wrappers. Then you will find why you loved your mother so much!!
  7. Yes.

    Give anyone the opportunity - (anywhere), and you can expect your possessions to go walkabout.

    But as stated above, there are ways to deal with these tea leafs. And revenge is sweet. A tea leaf can be identified after the occasion by bandaged fingers. :wink:
  8. Hmmm, I am missing a pair of black issued socks and a water bottle lid and we have an inspection tomorrow.

    Oh, guess whos locker is lieing open while hes off to the NAAFI?

  9. The nicks and socks thief is still alive and well in HMS Raleigh. Nobody seems to know who it is. He/she is as big a mystery as the Stig.
  10. I don't know what happens in todays training establishments, but leaving your locker open in days of old would bring about some form of punishment. :p
    Leave it open and you are almost as much to blame as the duty tealeaf. Just because they have joined the services does not stop a thieving scroat stop thieving.
  11. Open unattended locker incurs lax security routine, extra musters. kit musters etc plus buggerance factor tasks
  12. my water bottle always use to get taken or used during pt lessons by some random shite,my orange epaulettes got swapped with some black printed ones,left my rn epaulettes on my jacket once,taken.Towl got taken from drying room even though it was marked.Dartmouth kit went missing from the layout on my bed when i walked out of the mess.Socks don't even go there.Even the DI broke into my p/locker with his little tool kit just for the fun of it! oh yeah someone also took my trousers,my pt shorts,my div top,beret.........ok maybe by accident but i was still missing kit,not forgetting someone ever stole the little pin from my beret because they lost there own.expect everything that can be used to be USED by everyone.
  13. Did your fellow ratings like you?? :?
  14. Keep your locker locked at all times when you are not in the room and that should discourage a would be thief from stealing from there. Don't leave anytyhing loafing on your pit either as you can guarantee some furker will take the opportunity to lift it.

    As some of the other old and bolds have alluded to, 'tea leafs' are dealt with harshly once they have been rumbled and rightly so as there is nothing more disgusting than stealing from your mates IMHO.

    Just be warned, it does happen and you need to safeguard your personal belongings at all times.
  15. Someone has stolen your punctuation too!
  16. :lol: did i get carried away there!
    One day i'll let go of the past :angry1:
  17. some broke [email protected] always use to drink someone elses milk or take my sweets and our microwave got stolen....don't laugh :angry1:
  18. Sort your fcuking admin out then, if you don't look after your kit, someone else will.
  19. PMSL!! :lol: Feel the sympathy.... :lol:
  20. I once left my unmarked No4 shirt on my bed whilst I pissed off ashore. There was £400 in the pocket. On my return the £400 had been placed under my pillow the shirt was never seen again. Tells a story about matelots doesn't it!


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