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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mamof3, Oct 26, 2015.

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  1. Would like advice please on how to get camo cream out of a kit t shirt!!!

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  2. He's got vanish down in raleigh but not working

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  3. Week 3 I think, he's just gone into week 4 , what week is your son in?

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  4. Zeb

    Zeb Badgeman

    Can he offer to buy a new t shirt? Mine lost one and got another
  5. Baby wipes are good for starters if its fresh.
  6. Has he tried asking what the Lady Sailors use to remove makeup from their clothes, lets face it some of the stuff these women plaster on their bodies means Camo cream should be a piece of cake to remove:rolleyes:
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  7. Nail polish remover shifts most stains, that have an oil base?
  8. Go to your PO, admit the stain and then go stores and one for one it for a brand new one.

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  9. Trainer

    Trainer War Hero Book Reviewer


    That him that contrary to what you expect, Camo cream will come off his face best if he uses COLD water, and Wet Wipes are also a good ploy. As for the T-Shirt, he should have been given a couple. Keep one for best and one for dirty work. If he needs both for kit muster, then get to stores and suck it up and buy another. Couple of quid deducted from his pay. Sumo is also right, I have a bottle of Acetone (Nail polish remover) for oily type stuff.
  10. They have baby wipes on sale there zeb
  11. No, I can't see it. Haha
  12. He's failed the kit muster on week 7 because of his ironing,I reckon its my fault because he should have been ironing his own clothes for the last few years! Lol
  13. No - if he had been keen to join for a while he should have shown the initiative himself.

    Chin up, sailor on.

    (I realise your post is a little tongue-in-cheek - so is mine, so no offence intended)
  14. None taken, I've got to give it to him tho he's got leave this weekend but says he's not going because he's got ironing to do !!! Lol
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  15. I failed my first muster Dee , then all kit was laid out on bed counterpain , bloke next to me also got a re-scrub and he giggled...Div Chief got hold of 2 edges of counterpain and yanked it above his head , kit everywhere.
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  16. Oh God, I would have cried!!
    Good job he's not got my temperament lol
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