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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by lw188, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. iv been doing my iorning for a while now and to be honest its not the best,when i get down south will they give a demo on how they do it and tips they use? also what stitching will we be expected to do and on what kit? thanks
  2. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    You could always ask your mum to join up as well. She can keep doing your ironing & this.
  3. :D :D Classic Wits :D :D
  4. Sooner you start practising the better it is for you.
  5. BZ that man, take a makers :thumbright:
  6. This might be very useful.... Wrecky spent most of this afternoon recording this especially for you, so that you can sew your name into your kit properly. Note pusser uses RED worstead, not black stuff.

    Thanks Wrecky for all your hard work! :)

    The next one, on ironing was recorded by Trelawney, who trained hundreds of baby matelots how to do their ironing properly during his days as a serving sea dad.

    BZ Trewlawney! 8)
  7. thanks for the bit of useful info
  8. The only stitching you've got to do is 2 name tallies on your PT shirts. Everything else is sewn on by the seamstress. Just a simple single stitch will do although double stitching is definitely better (sorry if they ain't the right names for the stitches but I'm no housewife).

    Re: Ironing

    When you get to Raleigh they will get some guys that have been there a few weeks to show you the ropes with your ironing so don't worry to much. Just remember creases go straight down the leg at the front but taper in to the middle at the back. Also, creases on shirt sleeves go straight down from the centre of the eppaulette.

    Oh and you'll have to sew your chin stay on your cap but that's not 'til week 5.
  9. I wouldn't worry about stitching if I were you, there's plenty of people who will do it for you i.e. Drafty, Div staff, watchbill co-ordinators, crushers etc :wink:

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