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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fish21, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Hello all just a quick one i've got the kit list from my pre joining brief.. i expect this will sound abit daft but do we need to take socks to basic? they are not listed on my list but then nor is shower gel huum and i dont really wannna be without either for 9 weeks!! haha! also it says to take a tracksuit?!! what for.. it will be summer and i dont wanna look like a chavy child. the list could be more precise and detailed i fancy, dont know if anyone else has had the same thought..

    Many thanks, fish
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It doesn't say Lube on the list either but i'd take that as well.

    On a serious note, take socks. Also take shower gel. You may get a bit smelly otherwise.
  3. You will get pussers luxurious socks but still take your own and dont forget your soap on a rope for the showers. ;)
  4. I suggest you take some thick black socks to wear with your boots because you only get two pairs one pair stay untouched in your locker the other you use i found that i needed to wash the pair i used everyday which was a pain on top of your other gear. A couple pairs will do. You get two pairs of white socks which are for PT one pair you use the other untouched in the locker. Then you get two pairs i think of thin black socks i never used to thin to wear with boots.
  5. Tracksuit is for pier cellers in the evening do not take jeans.
  6. Just take what's on the kitlist.

    What iron have you got :roll:
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Got yer holdall/suitcase sorted yet?
  8. Also take your comfort blankey
  9. No worries! When you get there, they'll give you a nice green suitcase and the option to buy a Gucci brown holdall later for weekend travel.

    They will, won't they? :oops:

  11. Holdall. Check.
    Iron. Check.
    Suit for interview. Check.
    Shiny shoes for interview. Check.
    Offensive tattoos. Check.
    iPod, boombox, 42' LCD TV, mobile phone, laptop computer. Check
    Common Fcuking Dog sunk without trace. Check.
    And now SOCKS!!

    The numpty "Am I really ready to be let out of the house without a note from my Mum." sticky is now complete. :evil:
  12. You forgot the drugs and the daily leave to visit the pash
  13. DAMN!!

    So let me get this right.
    They stopped Artificers
    They stopped OMs (Actually, good call there!)
    They stopped Ship's Divers

    And now you are telling me they have stopped the Pusser's green suitcase and optional brown grip! Pah!! :evil:

    I actually saw a Pusser's green suitcase by a rubbish skip here in Spain last week!! Mmmm, maybe I should have checked the skip to see if Rum Rat was inside - or indeed any other of the old guard! :lol:
  14. As the man said.....

  15. Me my green suitcase and my little brown suitcase for personal belongings are all doing fine thanks, and Spain is not high on my list of places to go.
    However me and the green one are going to LA in the near future to see an old shippers.
    Should I wear my old pussers white shoes do you think?
    And having thought for a minute, La Linea might still be worth a skeg :wink: :D
  16. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Do they still issue the standard Pussers **** sock, single, black, emissions catching, for the use of?

  17. Trust me, it's not! You can't even park there for free any more while you dash across into Morrison's several times to bring back as much cheap alcholic swag as your car will hold (only allowed one bottle each).

    Glad it was't you in the skip and cumpleaños a ti (happy birthday!)
  18. does tracksuit mean that thin nylon material and similar top?? and for civvies is ther any need to take normal tee's or just the shirt ya turn up in?

    at my pre joining brief i got told sometimes NE recruits get the chance for a weekend of leave after about four weeks sometimes? does this actually happen???

  19. No, but the bloke in the next rack does :wink:
  20. Sports kit is for personal use. You can take a track suit or sweat pants and T shirt/sweat shirt.

    You will need to take civvy socks to wear when you get the odd evening off and as mentioned it worth taking some black thick walking type socks for wearing with your boots.

    You will only get leave if you happen to join Raleigh when one of the 3 main leave periods is due (Easter, Summer and Xmas). Otherwise you work through the 9 weeks with the odd evening/day off at weekends.

    Taken off the joining info:-

    1. All new recruits are expected to join HMS Raleigh dressed according to the following criteria: Males – To wear shirt with collar attached, tie, trousers (not jeans) and shoes.
    Females – To wear blouse, trousers or skirt (minimum knee length) and shoes. Shoes should be low healed or flat and suitable for brisk walking. Recruits will also be expected to wear smart civilian clothing on the following day, whilst attending briefs and completing the signing on process.

    2. All recruits must wear appropriate bed wear, as instructors of the opposite sex are required to carry out head counts/bed checks during the silent hours.

    3. You may be granted leave privileges during your initial training but free time is limited and you will be in uniform throughout the early part of training. In addition, locker space is at a premium; so do not overdo the amount of civilian clothes you bring.

    4. Swim wear must contain an inner and be as short as possible as you may need to wear it under other kit.

    Wet razor (not Electric) / shaving cream or foam, spare razor blades, moisturizer / shaving balm, soap and soap dish, toothbrush and toothpaste, hairbrush or comb, nailbrush and nail clippers or scissors.
    As required

    Hope this helps out



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