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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by becky_w_84, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. I'm off on Sunday and am just getting my last bits together. Now as the AFCO's not open at this time of night, I just need a few questions answering.
    I want to know what the tracksuit will be used for as I thought we would be provided sports kit? Would it just be used for our (very little) free time?
    Would it have to be a proper Adidas or Nike tracksuit or would a velour type one do?
    Would just the one set of civvy clothes do? (Apart from the formal gear we have to wear).


    PS if you're looking for cheap irons, I've found decent looking ones in both Asda and Argos for £3.89!! And they're not travel irons either.
  2. Are you really sure this is a good career choice? :cry:
  3. Thanks for your mature answers
  4. Awe come on give him a bit of slack........he's only 25 :roll:
  5. You're an absolute prick who obviously likes to hide behind a computer being a ******** to people because it makes you feel good, how very sad.
    I'm clearly new to the Navy and i'm bound to have loads of questions however stupid they may seem to you.
    And I've been getting stuff ready for the past few weeks, i've not just left EVERYTHING to the last minute. I'm hardly gonna have my bag fully packed 3 months before I leave am I.
  6. Your going to regret buying one.
  7. What, you actually expected a mature answer from this lot? 8O
    BTW this has been covered more than once before. also a bit of common dog is needed :twisted:
  8. Yeh you have a point there....
  9. You won't regret buying a good iron! Buying the best iron in the market will save you a lot of headaches. Steam generator irons are the best but they are huge and cost a lot of money.

    If you fail 3 kit musters, you're out the door! You can say goodbye to the navy. I'm gonna get the best iron money can buy! I'm worried it might get nicked at Raleigh though.
  10. Lesson number 1. Don't take life so seriously.
    Lesson number 2. Don't flash up, you will soon find out how true the saying is "If you can't take a joke you shouldn't have joined!".

    Read what you have written. Do you really think that it matters what brand of track suit you take? You will only get a track suit issued if you are representing the Navy at a sport. Irons will be available for your use.
  11. Becky

    The tracksuit is just for your own personal use if you are likely to be participating in sports outside of your normal lessons. It can be a pair of sweat pants and a sweat shirt or any form of track suit.
  12. No we've been told to take irons to Raleigh. And I was asking what type of tracksuit not what brand! And when they would be needed.
  13. Cheers Soleil, why someone couldn't have just explained that earlier I don't know....
  14. OK on the iron.
    Now read what you have written.........did you not mention Adidas and Nike?
  15. Yes but I was just trying to describe the types that I had in mind, sporty tracksuits or lounging about tracksuits......
  16. Forgive me I come from an age group that had tracksuits to keep one warm when indulging in sport and never did much lounging
  17. Well us ladies have quite a choice these days :wink:
  18. It's beyond me why this poster has been abused.

    There are some incredibly idiotic questions asked on here where common sense would give an answer - I don't think OP's can be included in that.

    This is 'Newbies', not 'Lil's'.

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