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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Hallsy, Jun 9, 2006.

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  1. Just a question to the serving and 'not long ago serving personnel'...

    What company did you go to for kit insurance? Any i should stay clear of? Any you strongly recommend?

    thanks for your help.
  2. What next, arse insurance.
  3. I assure you mate it is needed i've gotta fork out for a new s10 respirator next month and they cost alot.

    Some even cover your laptop,digi cam and mp3 players, so its well worth it with the right company....which one though is the question i ask.
  4. Kit insurance? DigiCams, etc. We didn't have all those luxuries in my day, just a TV monitor in the mess and the odd film camera.
  5. Makes you glad you were in in the good old days, all kit issued and no worries.
  6. Certainly does. I do remember that if you left an item of kit skulking around and it didn't end up reappearing in the scran bag, you had to buy replacements (and, as a Junior at least, got punished of course), but that's all. Frankly I'm not sure I could have afforded insurance on less than £1 pocket money a week! I didn't even know what insurance was at 15! :roll:
  7. As a householder I cover all my cameras and iPod when I travel on my household insurance but this may not help you if you don't have your own home. You could try contacting the Naval Families Federation who may be able to help you or try exploring the RN Community website, else hopefully someone on RR will be better able to help (I expect).
  8. Well I'm told by a recently retired chief stoker that one should avoid NAAFI Insurance like the plague (yes the NAFFI does insurance now!), hmmm.
  11. cool thanks for the helps, i was gonna go with naafi , so glad iI did'nt!
  12. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'm actually going through the process of claiming off my Naafi kit insurance. First claim in 9 years. I'll let you know how I get on with them.
  13. thats would be great thanks.
  14. I thought respirators were personal loan items - or are they issued as kit these days :? I
    nteresting that there are supposedly some of these for sale on ebay ??
    It would also be interesting to hear, or read, that if someone loses their kit through enemy action - that some insurance company is going to pay up
  15. I used the NAAFI kit insurance, it was OK
  16. I was looking at a quote from Towergate who do a special reservist policy but it appears not to cover laptops in theatre, so bugger all use to me then. Many of them are really an extension home contents policies, they just include an all countries and drop the act of war waiver they normally have.

    I have heard bad things about NAAFI financial too, but they may be my only option.
  17. Capitulated and went with NAAFI.

    A bit of blustering got £30 off their price. Just hope I don't need it!
  18. We used to get the princely sum of £7.50 a month Kit Upkeep Allowance, which was probably why Jack bimbled around looking like a bag o' shite, there being much better things to spend money on.

    I know this changed shortly after I left in 1990, but Kit Insurance? Has it really come to this? Is everything so expensive now you can't afford to be C126ed?
  19. In a word. Yes

    If you were to lose a bergan full of kit on ops I suspect you would be looking at a bill for 500-1000.

    Then of course your laptop/mp3 player etc won't be covered by your home contents in a war zone.

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