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Went back home for a week as the M-in-law wasnt doing too well in Derriford. So the wife and I decided to have a tidy up in her attic. Looked inside a huge bulky plazzy bag and feck me, all my kit was there. Nos 1's n 2's and ice cream suits. I mean why did I keep them , its been 12 quick years since my time was up.

Anyone else kept their kit and why did you too!

ps I know we had to keep it for 3 years for "reserves" etc, but the bastards werent going to find me in septic land were they!
I kept mine for years, but having found no further use for it I eventually got rid of it, I can't remember where or how. I do however still have a No8 shirt with my name and branch badge, two pairs of sea-boot stockings, my kitbag, and a pair of pussers steaming boots, highly polished, which I have been known to wear for funerals and similar occasions, but since only 36 years has expired since I first drew my pension I reckon that's about par for the course.

Pussers Kitbag x 2 full of kit. Waiting for the balloon to go up and I can spring into action. Even got chogy shorts from when I was a 19 year old bit of skin, they will be a bit snug now.
Still have my full kit up in my mother's house loft from 1996 when I left the mob.
As I don't need it and no longer live in England I'll leave it there - just to add to her loft's insulation
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Useful bits.

Black senior rates tie for funerals.

Afghan goretex boots in the snow.

Bombhead smock for gardening.

Body amour for Mrs JFH's PMT.

RN PDR for keeping cerificates in one place.

Gave a lot of stuff to the local sea cadets.

(Why has RR hyperlinked goretex?) automatically

Thanks Cornish golfger :) Cotton sheets "Dust Sheets"
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99% gone. Ditched a few weeks ago after a massive attic clear out.

All thats remaining is a couple of pairs of crewies socks, ideal for riding the bike. A stray bit of navigation kit and my two log books. Other than that - Navy - purged!!! (Better than the average rotor head grease anyway!!
We still use the cotton sheets I got at ganges in '73 as a mattress liner. The cotton fabric has stood up to a weekly wash now for .........nearly 40 years, quality! I gave my bro-in-law, my ovvies, nos 8's trousers and wooly pully for use on the farm. Just b4 I left, I got brand new boots for me and the wife, no not steamers, ( great for the bike), new shoes for me. Still got my aircrew boots and the huge green bag they gave me when a dope onna rope in '87, as well as the warm socks . As above black tie is always handy but the bow tie got heaved. I suppose I could always take my buttons off my suits and donate them!! But the ice cream suit from '85, worn once!


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Rebuttoned my 1955 greatcoat for funerals, wore it last week for same plus pusser's black tie. When the greatcoat was issued we were all lined up and the Oi/c told the Gieves man we looked like a lot of pregnant penguins. Gieves bod smiled sweetly and said there was room for growth. Thank goodness.
No 8 shirts are still used for decorating - the rest fell pray to mould and mites many moons ago.
Best thing is that the shirts still fit:applaud:
Still got all mine (including AGR) as I've got 6 years reserve liability (evidently it all changed in 1996) and I've got 2 years of that left. White woolly pulley ideal in winter for gardening etc as is the seamans jersey (over an ordinary shirt, can't be doing with all that itchy shit again) and ordinary wooly pulley. Foulies ideal as well.

Also got my eldest lads kit in the loft and he got issued full pongo kit as well as his pusser's stuff.
Everything not used is in 2 kitbags.

I think I'll re-name my loft Bogey Knights
Everything stored in the cellar. Bergan and fighting order packed ready to go (you never know...).

Blues and Lovats still in the wardrobe just in case one of my lads joins. Sword under the bed in spare room for the reason above plus the fact that Wilkinsons are no more.
Chiefs cap still on top of the wardrobe(after three house moves since leaving) more pussers wool socks than you can shake a stick at,gave my mess dress jacket away when I left. No1s jacket is hanging in the cadet unifrom store I run for the CCF I am in now. I love wearing my submariners jersey with my Nos1 officers jacket(wavy navy) adds a certain age to it,always reminds me of my first chief elec who wore 8s and Nos2 jacket. Just started to wear my staeming bats again as I have a new job in a power station. For some strange reason I have three AGRs!
Chiefs beret comes out when in RNA blazer and slacks for Remembrance Sunday and the like.
wear it labrum,we have a Falklands veteran with a goatee beard who wears his. Last year we managed to five get SAMA Veterans together on Remembrance Sunday 2 RN,1 RM 1 RAF and I cant remember what the other was in!
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