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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by bootie_bickers, Oct 27, 2007.

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  1. Royals

    Got a hoofing bit of kit for sale if anyone is interested, Suunto x9mi GPS just got another watch so this one is up for offers...

    Retail new is from £315 to £350 depending on what site you buy it from, its only 2 months old and not been used much...

    Boxed with all the stuff and is coverd by Suunto...

    If your interested get in contact...

  2. Try ebay mate.

  3. Roger, Did wack it on ebay did not get much luck sadly...
  4. Bugger, I thought it might have been a small ginger kitten, but no, it is dull boy stuff :(

  5. Alright mate

    I was thinking about buying a new GPS, but it might already be on my xmas list. I will check and PM to let you know - Wait out
  6. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    Not wishing to gazzump my Bootie colleague but I am also about to sell a GPS - handheld not a wrist-top, a Garmin Extrex Summit (altimeter/barometer/compass/GPS) for £95.
  7. like it Royal good effort on the gazzump.....prob got someone jacked up for buying my x9mi so SPENNY crack on if your interested in the hand unit....

    To be fair if thats what your looking for dig out as the watch GPS is not the same and can be a right head f*ck to play with....
  8. Roger that mate. :thumright:

    Wave_dodger..............PM incoming

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