Kit For Collingwood?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by stument, Mar 15, 2009.

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  1. Hey, i passed out of Raleigh on Friday, and im back tonight ready for Collingwood tomorrow.

    Ive packed a fair bit of civvies to take with me aswell as all my kit issued, i have 2 full bags.

    Just checking should i take a fair amout of civvies with me???

    like 10 Tshirts, 4 jumpers and so on...

    Dont want to take stuff and not be allowed it and what not...

    Also can i take my Laptop :D

    Thanks Stu
  2. It's all down to preference.

    You only get a certain amount of room though, unless you get moved to Lowe Block, which is much bigger/better.

    You won't need 10 jumpers especially with the weather warming up. Most people i know have 2/3 jeans, several t-shirts, few jumper/hoodies and some going out stuff.

    You can take your laptop, just keep it locked away obviously. Bring a padlock or two incase they don't provide any.
  3. Thanks for the reply, ive got one rucksack filled with all my Naval kit then the other filled with all my bits and bobs plus civvies.. not looking forward to carrying it all :roll:
  4. If you have everything in two bags, then you will have enough room for it all.
  5. Thanks Scott, was freaking out a bit.. was nice and cousy at Raleigh haha then they go and kick us out. :roll:

    So here is my list:

    All Issued Naval Kit & Kit Used At Raleigh
    10X Tshirts
    2X Shirts
    4X Jumpers
    2X Hoodies
    1000X Underwear
    2X Trainers
    1X Laptop

    ill be fine with bringing all that?

    Also what will we have to wear tomorrow on leaving Raleigh? Civvies? or 3's? or anythign at all.

    Thanks :)
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  6. You'll probably hang most of your kit up mate, leaving the draws for your civies, trainers, etc. So bring some hangers.

    You shouldn't need much more than a weeks underwear as you'll do washing once or twice a week.
  7. hey dont worry about packing hangers the naffi sells them. you will have room for your things, dont panic. remember though that you get loads of room in training once your on a ship you wont have very much at all so dont buy loads of stuff if you dont have somewhere to keep it when you deploy or you will have to ditch the lot.
  8. Thanks for the replys guys, think im all sorted now! only 2 hours til im back to Raleigh... :(

    Just not sure what we have to go down in now in the morning.. civvies or 4's?
  9. Stument

    Just a note to say Congratulations! on your passing out.

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