Kit/equipment tips and tricks for when in the field

Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by turks100, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Never hurts to ask... tips and tricks when it comes to kit in the field?
  2. Always carry a big stick and if the cows start to bother you, let the dog off its lead
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  3. Current affairs?
  4. Perhaps its a field full of vines and not cows :)
  5. Moved to the outdoors section. For now.
  6. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    When you say field, do you mean doing green stuff or hill walking type of stuff.
  7. ...............
  8. Newby here, wrong area, apologies. However, thanks for sharing your wisdom.

    I mean, when on training weekends.
  9. To this day the most impressive and ingenious top tip I've ever encountered, was bending a wire coat hangar into a hook which fits around the shower pipes at Raleigh. It would hold the on button down and bypass the self cancelling system allowing you to have a nice long shower instead of a series of 4 second ones.

    ****ing genius.

    Top tips for the field?

    Buy a jetboil, take loads of spare socks gash bags and bungees whatever you're doing, buy some dentist's tools for cleaning your rifle, Haribo aka Moralibo is all you need to power you around a CFT, girl's makeup removal wipes are the shizz for getting rid of cam cream, baby wipes can be used in lieu of a shower, the issue rollmat is perfectly adequate, don't bother with an expensive inflatable jobby, Rambo knives are for dicks, get a Leatherman.

    When it comes to your Bergen, seperate all your gear into different coloured waterproof canoe sacks, one for your bivvy kit, one for your clothes, one for scran etc. Then put them all inside one big fat canoe sack which is lining your bergen. Makes shit easier to find in a hurry or at night, much easier to take three or four bags out than turn the ****er upside down looking for stuff. Also keeps everything dry if you end up taking a dip and it will make your Bergen surprisingly buoyant. If you need to cross some water it's always nice to have a float.

    Put some scrim around your helmet and hold it on with a rim made out of the top of an old NBC boot. Remember Allyness saves lives.

    Finally and most important of all, laminate your porn. Always laminate your porn.
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  10. Also take black maskers and black electrical tape, they can be used to fix literally anything.
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  11. Avon skin so soft. Better than any marketed insect repellant out there.
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  12. Cycling shorts under your trousers in cold weather.

    Keeps everything in place.
  13. You get issued extra long, anti bacterial, compression underpants. They rock.
  14. Big flash watches are shit, make you look like a helmet and are annoying when they snag your Bergen strap. Stick with a G10 or a £10 Casio.

    Brasher are the sock of choice.
  15. Shiny.....
  16. The gusset is after a solid week in them.
  17. Expensive torches just get lost. Cheapo LED jobby from the petrol station wrapped in leccy tape will see you right.
  18. Pace beads on your webbing is gay as ****, especially if you aren't in a unit that requires you to navigate over long distances by yourself.
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  19. We should write a book on this shit.
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  20. If you're a big lad, always volunteer to carry the jimpy, means you won't get dicked with cleaning it, which is much much worse.

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