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Can someone please give me guidance on what i should be taken on the initial 4 days training for the navy, clothes wise etc

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This not for me but we are wanting to get ahead and organised lol but thought asking would help me better as others have been through the training process so can say exactly
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For the PRNC

Candidates should arrive at and depart dressed according to the following criteria:

Males: Shirt with collar, tie, trousers (not jeans) and shoes.
Females: Blouse, trousers or skirt (minimum knee length) and shoes.

Upon arrival at RNAC(S), loaned naval clothing will be issued and worn for the duration of your time on PRNC and there will be no opportunity to wear civilian clothing during the course. Any damage to issued clothing is to be reported promptly to RNAC(S) staff. For safety reasons candidates will be required to remove jewellery when requested to do so.

Whilst attending PRNC, candidates will also be assessed (not pass or fail), and informed accordingly where they are advised to improve prior to commencing INT, in the following other physical areas:

Naval Swim Test (NST) – Candidates passing the PJST will attempt the NST. This requires candidates to wear issued overalls over their swimming attire. Candidates will enter the pool unaided, tread water for 2 minutes without touching the sides, then swim 50m without touching the bottom or sides of the pool, then climb out of the pool unaided; the 50m swim element must be conducted within 4 minutes. This test is conducted in a 30m swimming pool.

Introduction to Initial Military Fitness (IMF) – Candidates will be instructed, by a Physical Training Instructor, how to conduct the following basic physical exercises whilst also being introduced to a command/response style of instruction:

i. Press Ups.
ii. Squat Thrusts.
iii. Burpees.
iv. Sit Ups.
v. Trunk Curls.

Gym or swim based circuit training activity – In order to introduce candidates to military circuit training, exercise activity will be conducted in either a gym or swimming pool location.

Squad Run – Candidates will partake in a 4km squad run. In addition to overall stamina, moral fibre (a can-do-attitude), leadership and team ethos will also be assessed during this serial.




Sufficient Underwear to last 4 days and 2 physical training sessions, plus 4 pairs of thick socks.

Night wear
All recruits must wear appropriate bed wear, as instructors of the opposite sex are required to carry out head counts/bed checks during the silent hours.

Toiletries to Include:

Wet razor, spare blades (Male)
As required.

Shaving foam / gel (males)
As required.

Shower gel/soap and soap dish
As required.

As required.

Toothbrush & toothpaste
As required.

Hairbrush or comb
As required

Hair bobble & grips (females)
As required. Female hair to be tidy and tied back, away from the face.

Smart casual clothing
For travelling. There will be no opportunity to wear civilian clothing, other than when joining and departing RNAC

Males: Shirt with collar, tie, trousers (not jeans) and shoes.
Females: Blouse, trousers or skirt (minimum knee length) and shoes.

Sports clothing
1 x t-shirts, 1 x sports shorts (no longer than knee length), suitable running shoes, 2 x pairs of sports socks for PT. Females are advised to bring sports bras.

If attending PRNC between the months of November and March, suitable sportswear for inclement weather should be taken.

Running trainers
These should not be thin soled fashion trainers but a thick soled, cushioned and supported pair of running shoes that mitigate high impact nature of running on a track. Without proper running trainers, the probability of shin splints and injury is increased. A proper pair of running shoes can also help you run faster and is an essential part of fitness training prior to and during your times at RALEIGH.

Short style trunks not football shorts, and must be double lined. Bathing costume (1 piece) No bikinis.

Steam Iron - Not travel iron.

Shoe cleaning kit - Including Black Boot polish, cloth and brushes.


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Has train tickets etc. been issued for the travel to the 4 day selection?
If train tickets haven't already been issued, I'd contact the AFCO to get an update and they'll provide more info - when I went to Collingwood for my 4 day accuaint course (PRNC -RNAC) I was issued train tickets and a kit list way before so that I had time to actually get prepared

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