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Looking for a bit of help... i'm joining up on the 2nd November, although i haven't had my final kit list i was just wondering if i am able to take my own running shoes or if they are something that is provided? Also, in terms of 'civvy' clothing, how much should i take for basic training?

Take only the "civvy" clothes you turn up in plus underwear and no need to take running daps as you'll be issued some when you get there.

Source: I leave for Raleigh next week so if I am wrong then someone do tell!
so just a suit basically? is there no chance they would allow you to wear your own running shoes then? I had mine fitted for a half marathon a year or so ago and they measured my gait (spe.) and all that jazz! apparently they 'help' with my running style...
I had a similar gucci pair of shoes that I would love to take. Its uniform all the way though as far as I can tell. If it helps, the kicks you'll most likely be in are Hi-Tec Silver Shadow, You could jazz em up with a pair of superfeet to 'help' with your running style. Although personally I wouldn't waste the money as they aren't too bad a trainer.
i've just googled them.. hi-tec couldnt be further from the truth haha! Retro as you like but they'll do i suppose :) cheers for the help and good luck at raleigh!
Take one set of decent civvies for a night out. I'm talking about 16 years ago, but we did get at least one night of shore leave late on in basic training (Wheelers!) plus an entry 'night out' at the Harbour Lights (RIP).

Also, Silver Shads aren't a bad basic trainer at all. Better than white plimpsols or Dunlop Green Flash that some ended with back in the day.
I think Silver shadows are no longer issued, there's a new, better trainer issued now but I can't remember what brand etc.
Theres a PO dinner the night before pass out where everyone dresses posh- but you get shore leave i think one weekend to go shopping so can get it then if you don't take anything with you.


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Pah. Modern day stuff. You should wear a pair like this. Teach you a thing or two about running your 1.5 mile run outside in January


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Good luck Halfwaythere. I'll be starting the week after... After a long wait it suddenly feels like I don't have enough time to get everything done before I start!
Thanks bja199 and good luck too you too!
Even though it's been the best part of 2 two years waiting, I still don't feel ready. It's all in my head though, bag is packed, checked my kit list three times, maxing out my push up and sit up routine and got my run down to 10.30. Roll on Sunday morning!


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My goodness something I can comment on! You get running sneeks at Raleigh. Travel there in trousers and shirt and take a pair of jeans and a couple of t shirts! Just in case you maybe get a night of! Best of luck xxxxxxx

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