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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Mar 23, 2009.

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  1. What is the correct form of kissing when being introduced to a new female friend or even an old female friend on first meeting them?

    I always go to kiss them on the cheek (face one that is) but nowadays they all seem to go for the lips.

    Is this correct and should I just accept it as the modern way or is she telling me something else?

    The reason I ask is that the other night when meeting my oppo and his wife for the first time in months she practically tried to suck my face off.

    Shes not the first one to do this.

    Should I: A: Go with the flow, B: Act shocked or C: Stick my tongue down her throat.

    Yours Confused of Stoke
  2. I would not kiss a female hello or goodbye until I felt we were aquainted well enough, and then only if seemed appropriate at the time, ie: at a party or other social occasion, not as I have seen happen, at work . How well is well enough is a subjective thing, but I reckon most people would know when it felt appropriate.
    As for kissing on the lips, It just seems to be a trend these days, some do it some don't. I would not like to assume that it's an invitation for something else. That could get you into trouble :wink:
  3. Go for the Australian kiss. It's the same as the French one, but Down Under.
  4. A sort of air kiss, on the right cheek, is acceptable with friends and relations - long time friends that is.
    Casual meetings should still be formal.
    I was always told that in any case it should always be the lady who offers her hand first.
    Are you sure the one you met hadn't been on the gin? Or, perhaps overcome by your fatal charm?

  5. Really? I'm shocked at that I always offer my cheek i dont know of any ladies or friends of mine that go in for the lips :?
  6. If you feel uncomfortable with the lady kissing you on the lips you could maybe try the following. As she leans over to kiss you on the lips sharply bring your forehead down with great force into her face, then whilst she is momentarily stunned, drive the heel of your hand swiftly upwards into her nose. This will either break it or drive the nose bone into her brain. If you felt really strongly that she had overstepped the mark you could always finish off your deterrent manouevre by roughly inserting your fingers into her anus. These actions would send out a clear signal that you were not happy with the lady invading your personal space. Does this help...........?
  7. Well whats wrong with sticking your tongue down her throat and feeling her boobs?
    If you get a slap you have saved time and can move on to a different girl, if she responds then you've pulled :p
  8. I always thought that this kissing was outrageous to start with,invading a chaps personal space and whatnot.But faced with the situation I believe that it is custom and practice that when offered the left cheek to kiss,one gently squeeses the right titty and vice versa.Should this raise any objections one then proceeds with Ron's instructions.
  9. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Some excellent advice offerred so far, I'm sure that the panel is only to happy to answer any questions that our reader have.

    If a ladies breast becomes accidently exposed when she is being introduced to you should you

    1. Ignore it and act as though nothing has happened.

    2. Gently reach out and tuck it away without comment.

    3.Pass comment on the beauty (or otherwise) of the said breast

    4. Other.
  10. it is nice to see the the rules are being adhered to -"Tits first.............. :lol:
  11. PMSL :D
  12. If an outstretched hand is offered, take it and shake it whilst pulling her towards you and using your other arm to embrace. As she gets closer, pay attention to the mouth, if it starts to pucker turn your cheek, if the rest of the face begins to look disappointed return to full frontal for snogging. Release the hand at the last minute and use it to grab whatever you can.
  13. Left or right?
  14. Upstairs or downstairs?

  15. upstairs and which ever side they are on or the fella goes for

  16. There goes a fantasy :(
  17. Hey thats when i meet you for the first time i wanna come across all innocent and polite and lady like dnt mean the second time im gonna offer anything most lads just take what they want anyway
  18. I am obviously old fashioned, I can't see why people need to kiss when they first meet anyway. It makes me cringe, I wouldn't go and kiss random strangers in the street, so why should I do it, just because I know their name? YUK!
  19. Sounds like a bad experience or two, spill the beans, spin us a dit
  20. Ah well, it would be pointless me asking a question on here then?

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