Allegedly a true story - An Australian matelot, his wife and their 15 year old son were on holiday. The matelot was a keen scuba diver, as was his wife, and the son wanted to get an "action shot" of them both in their scuba gear. They all entered the water from a support boat, the son armed with an underwater camera to capture the picture. Just as the son was framing the shot, Dad noticed his son panicking, and swimming rapidly to the surface. Worried that he was in trouble, Dad and Mum followed him, and broke surface to see him scrambling into the boat in a state of sheer terror! It transpired that as the son was framing the shot, he noticed a shark coming up behind Mum and Dad. Nothing further was said, but later that evening, they uploaded the picture from the camera onto their laptop, and this is what they saw!!

Kinnell is the only expression that springs to mind!
dun dun dun dun duddaaaaaaada
swim feck me i would have shite myself.. then pi55ed myself.... then probalbe seen my whole life pass before my eyes..... thats feckin freaky if its for real..........

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