Kings Passout Parade

When practicing the drill for your passing out parade, is it all done throughout your time at Lympstone Commando or during the week between the final Commando test and the passing out parade?


War Hero
Basic drill is taught during recruit training, but not at pass-out level.

If you check-out minute 00:30 to about 01:15, we can see why Royal needs to be able to count :)



War Hero
If the original poster hasn't found out for himself yet drill is undertaken throughout basic training. More so early on as your time as a Nod. You get to march up and down, march backwards and forwards , march in circles, march slowly, march loudly, march until you really cant be fucked to march any more. Then it drops off and you don't really do much drill shit then you do your commando course and become the Kings squad, then you get to march up and down, march slowly, march cleverly. march to music. Yay for marching. Then You get to hear the magical words...."Royal Marines, to your duties, quick, March" You then march to "A life on the ocean wave". After this you get to a unit and mostly just bimble.

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