Kindly Volunteer Required

Is there a kindly soul that would be prepared to get me a spare set of Dolphins and post them out to Cyprus?

I've just been given a beautiful display case as a gift, and would like to mount my Dolphins along with a cap tally that I have, and a couple of piccies to mark the old days of sundodging (Cachalot and Sealion). This will leave me without any to wear on my blazer at Trafalgar Night and on Remembrance Day as the display case will be sealed once it's got all it's bells and whistles. Naturally I will reimburse said volunteer for the costs involved, and add a wet or two for your troubles.

If you'd like to help me out, please PM me for my address etc. I'm happy to pay you by Paypal or a cheque, which ever you prefer, and you have my word that you won't be out of pocket!

Thanks in advance - even if you can't help
I could bring some out there if you could put us up for a couple of weeks?

He said blaggingly.

If no joy PM Billy.....Slops is just down the road and I can send as many as you want.
Sorry Billy ....... I'm away for those two weeks, or you'd have been welcome!

Janner's sorting me out with the Dolphins, but thanks for the offer.

"Sticky" Hartley
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