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Already downloaded, read and enjoyed. Now to start cooking some of the recipes, but it's difficult with CINCNAGHOME being vegetarian.


Bob, that reminds me of the time I placed a note in a pie saying 'Seen Off' while staff at Royal Arthur. Some chief, he was on a training course, was not so pleased and came marching up to the servery shouting his displeasure. The whole dining room was in hysterics at his shitty antics. Needless to say, I was soooo polite and said yes chief, no chief, which made those in the mess piss themselves even more... Oh the good old days!


Dusty70... flogging... is that a 'cat'o nine tails'? I never knew you were that old!
I have written 'Jacks Dit's - True tales from the Mess', 'The Andrew, Jack & Jenny - Origin & History of Royal Navy Nicknames, & the book about Tiger, HMS Tiger - Chronicles of the last big cat'. At the end of this March, I have a book coming out which was compiled in conjunction with the Royal Navy Research Archives, titled Neptune & the Pollywogs, which documents the Crossing the Line Ceremony. Hope this helps, shipper?


Lantern Swinger
aah - was going to download to Kindle for forthcoming hols but only available in hard copy

cheers anyway


There will be an edition of Jack's Dits as an ebook after the summer. No plans for the others to have an e-version yet, but it will probably happen next year. (2020).

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