kindle again

Don't want to harp on about it but's bloody brilliant.Over 350 books to download free,I've got the complete works of one of my fav.seafaring authors,Conrad, all his books for 40 pence!complete works of Shakespeare/Dickens 40 pence roughly.
6 books from soldiers experiences of WW1--free or for pennies!
Boxing stories,there are plenty I've never heard of so it will keep me going.
At £150 it's not cheap although there are cheaper versions but I can get free sheet music etc.
It's got the lot.
I never thought I'd be bothered with a electronic reader but it's handy for train travelling,sitting in a pub with a quiet drink.
It will even read out aloud or with earphones,
I can't keep up with this modern world but got to say I'm impressed,there's even some porn titles[to old to try them!]
gushing on I know but I'm,quite frankly amazed, at it.


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Way to go seafarer '39. Or whatever the youngsters say nowadays.

There is a lot of free stuff out there. I got The Man Who Would be King by Kipling which I had meant to get for years, plus a couple from my younger years. There is also a lot of cheap stuff on there just now.

Kindle is great and I hope it stays as a format.


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Now that you've all had time to settle down with your Kindles, what are the good and bad points. Is the latest Kindle light an improvement. Do you miss having the actual printed page as in a book?
The father in law (80) has one, I can't get on with them, takes ll the fun out of humping around vast tomes.
Thanks for posting on wha the kindle can do. The father in law is now plugged into his kindle with earphones ordering why it won't talk to him.
how does your kindle a age such a feat?
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I think mine is great. Thousands of books sitting on my PC, have about ten of my favourite authors sitting in the Kindle with a selection of some 130+ books. Loads of free books around, many gleaned from the links on here! So ta for that.

Night shifts are what Kindles are designed for. I use a gizzmo called the Kandle as a night light, so no prob's there.
Love the kindle when travelling but you can't beat the feel of a real book plus it's easier to flick back a few pages when you need to go over a plot etc, Kindle's not so easy unless you bookmark the page.
Been looking at the Kindle Fire HD but think I'm going to go for the Google Nexus 7 ... particularly as they have upgraded it to 32Gb overnight to compete with the iPad mini ... horses for courses I know and I want a tablet to do a little more than just read books although that is high on the agenda and I'm too piso to shell out for a full iPad or even the mini.
I just do not get this Kindle device, as a Dyslexic and therefore a pictorial learner and not a lexicon learner, what it the point of having access to hundreds of books? Just thought I would add an alternative opinion to owning a Kindle.:study::biggrin:
Got one for crimbo from her indoors as she was fed up with the rows and rows of book shelves.
Was a bit sceptical at first but it`s great. Loads of free books out there and good when traveling.
Had one a few years, good thing is if you fancy a book you can get the first couple of dozen pages to preview and if you no likey just dump it, saves standing in WH Smiths for half an hour per booked being tutted at by the proles, great for the hols, no filling your case with big fat books and with the built in dikshunnarie you can look up the big words.
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