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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by schmiken, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Hi, myself and a few friends know a guy who claims to be a Marine but we are extremely suspicious. He claims to be temporarily discharged on a medical, but he's been hanging around for longer than he first claimed. He's well known for being something of a bullsh1tter, so we were wondering if there's a way we can actually find out if he has ever been in?
  2. Stand the poor sod a beer and humour him.
  3. Are you sure you are not he? Are you a walt who wishes to learn how to pass scrutiny?
  4. Erm... ID Card?
  5. If he's a well known bullshtiter don't believe him.

    I have a friend who goes to navy cadets and he's given them, and the navy, a bad name because of his bullshtiting lies.
  6. Not saying I hate the navy because of him, but lies like "Oh, we go into french waters and fire missiles" "I saved a girl from 2 chavs and had sex with her" "I'm standing guard at a naval yard this weekend and i get to shoot chavs".

    Things like that you know instantly is bullsiht. No one likes him now because of his BS talk. Especially on November 11th, the Navy, army, air force and marine cadets came in in their uniform for a 2 minute silence. And afterwards everyone made fun of him and he turned round and said "You see this *he pointed at something on his arm* this means i can kill you".

    So, to sum it all up. If he's a known bullshitter, don't believe him. :p
  7. Shout naked bar and time him. If he is'nt naked and pis*ing in his own mouth within 5 seconds he's probably full of sh*t, and has never been a bootneck.
  8. See if he knows how to pronounce the unit names. Or ask him how he sharpens his commando dagger and which leg he wears it on.
  9. Is his name Mike Golden? [Absolutely genius on catching him, Arrse!]
  10. Nice one!
  11. Ask him to add 1 and 1,if he says 2 then hes too clever to be a bootie!
  12. Got a feeling he could be another Mike Golden, but PM me if you want his real name.
  13. Don't forget the piano wire garotte and position of the Racing Spoon MK1 in Windproof jacket.

    Answers on a postcard to:
    PO Box 213
  14. See if will drink your p1ss without flinching.
  15. That's the one. First done with Basher B's piss on Dartmoor circa Jan 1975. At least it was warm. Our piss, not the weather.

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