Kim Kardashian

As it says, Kim Kardashian (sp?). I know I could Google it, but I just KNOW that it will be much, much more entertaining asking you lot. :toothy10:

So, seriously, who is she? What is she 'famous' for? Why are there pictures of her in the 'celeb' pages every day? I cannot recall ever having seen a movie or whatever with her in, so please, enlighten me!

Standing by with bated breath!


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She's famous for being, well, errrr famous :dontknow: :scratch:
That clears that up then. I've seen some sort of show advertised about this family and i've wondered who the fuck they are.

Her ex says she fucks like a rattlesnake....allegedly
I didn't realise that these reptiles were so hot in the shagging department. The next time i visit the reptile house at London Zoo, i'll take some KY.

Just a brainless bimbo, most people don't give a toss about her ffs.
Now i would give a toss if there was a programme entitled "Kick the fuck out the Kardashians as they have a stupid name and are cunts".
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