Hey does anyone play kz online on the ps2 lol
the most people ive ever seen on there is 10 accros the whole world!

dont even get me talking bout burnout revenge,,
Hi mate, I have it.

It was panned by critics world-wide and fuel for fanboys of the Gamecube and Xbox to slam the PS2 with, but the truth is there are many fans of it.

Have you seen the graphics for Killzone 2 coming for PS3? You have never seen anything like them. I tell you this much now, those graphics are close to real life and we're only at the start of this generation, so I reckon next generation, we're going to be at real life graphics.

Oh and the reason you won't see many people online mate is because the older games are competing with a lot, a bloody hell of a lot -- nearly all new games come with free online for the PS3, and on Xbox Live Gold, you only have to pay £3 a month to play all the games online, and you've got to throw in PC games too (looks at Lamri) so most people are on those nowadays.
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