Killzone 2?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Scarface2009, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Im after a new game this weekend, has anyone got Killzone 2? if yes is it worth buying, never bothered with the first one but it does look good! of course thi is for ps3!
  2. Wasn't impressed mate, very linear and "brown". It always seems like something amazing is just about to happen, then doesn't. Dull. In fact it contributed to me selling my PS3 as I was hoping it was going to be the game to save it.

    Get Bioshock or Dead space second hand instead if you haven't already. Both works of art.
  3. I had bioshock, but it got a bit boring after a while, was a very good game tho, cheers mate for the response, i have just downloaded the demo, it looks ok, i might get that FEAR 2, first one was ok
  4. I agree kill zone is ok nothing special, Fear 2 average i guess. To be honest there is nothing much out at the moment, i am still playing SOCOM and modern warfare online still. I am waiting for OP Flashpoint 2, Arma 2, Modernwarfare 2 (New trailer out now)
  5. I had modern warfare, but got rid of it, when i look back, it was a big mistake!!
  6. Its my second time i have brought it, the online gaming is the bollocks, usually i am not a games console person but for things like that its good to have one where as the pc version i get fed up of installing updates and patches and drivers etc.
  7. It is class online, second only to Left4Dead which is p1ss funny, as is the Nazi Zombie level on COD 5. Fcuking hilarious.
  8. Cant wait for the second one, good news for me, bad news for my girlfriend
  9. Iam playing killzone two now, not that impressed. Its fun for a play through in a difficult setting but i cannot see much re-play potential. Buy a preowned copy or borrow it if you are bored, better still get onto COD WAW.
  10. Oh no COD WAW is shocking, after making modern warfare, WAW is a massive step back. Keep with modern warfare and wait for modern warfare 2 its out in November.
    There are so many WW2 shooters out now, and Trayarch who won the rights for the naming of call of duty now are looking at the next one which will be either be vietnam or another world war 2 battle.
    Other games that will be release will be MAG (massive online gaming) its basically a online shooter with 256 players but are broken down into sections, regiments etc.
    Arma2 and operation flashpoint 2 should prove to be good shooters as well.
  11. Killzone 2 is excelent. It is very close to real actual warfare and the realism is unreal. I keep playing the demo over and over again because i can't afford to buy it yet. My jobseekers allowance gfoes in next Thursday though and will be picking it up second hand from Gamestation then. Anyone interested in finding out what real warfare is like should check this out. It may put you off joining if you are not yet in the forces though. The weapons are heavy and powerful and there's a real kick to them. No SA80 type crap here ... only powerful assault rifles.
  12. Why don't you buy it with some of that 4k you've got stashed for your Maldives holiday?
  13. No mate. The mrs would kill me if I went into the holiday fund.
  14. You're not that hard then, wimp
  15. It's not a matter of me being hard. if it came down to a fight between me and my girlfriend and we went toe to toe I'd win for sure. But if I want to keep getting these blowjobs about 8 times a day on demmand, I better keep her on side. Know what I mean.
  16. Not really, if you were a real man as you keep saying, you'd just ram it down her throat as and when required (that's when your not kakking yourself of course)
  17. I may be a real man but I'm also a ladies man. I'm not a rapist for crying out loud.
  18. No she hasn't given me one yet, but I could pop round if its convenient. :D
  19. Your missing out, she's done everyone else. I think RJ may have kicked her backdoor in once or twice
  20. A real man ???? you lost me on that one

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