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Hi everyone, i hope you are all well? Sorry if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it if it is.

I was just after some advice from anyone who joined the RN with children. I have a joining date of 21st March 2010 and have recently found out that i could be a father next year.

If anyone joined in a similar position, how did you find it? Was is hard missing alot while away on duty and did you feel left out?

I am still joining the RN because i know i need a good career but to be honest the whole dad thing is f'ing scary stuff.

I'm in a similar situation. I'm engaged and we have a 6month old. Although it may be a while before I go in (waiting times) it sounds very like your situation.
Fatherhood aint that scary, you do your best and it'll be sound. If the Navy gives a good career then that is part of being a good dad, sorting your family out, now and future.. Its a hard decision but well done you!


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Good move, gets you out of changing all them sh1tty nappies. Kids are great, even better when you can hand them back and walk away.

You'll be fine mate, just hope the mother's a strong 'un and has support from both of your parents.
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