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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by brazenhussy, Mar 16, 2007.

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  1. Honestly- when will this Government get the kick *********** it needs-
    kids doing this????????? WHY??????

    I used to get a kick out of knocking on a front door and legging it- never in my mind would I have considered this............,,2007120513,00.html :shock: :shock: :shock:
  2. You could blame their parents, but the parents will automatically blame the government (why I don't know) like they always do. Gang rivalry seems to be prevalent in inner cities now.

    RIP, Son.
  3. Time for the government to give parents a wake up call. Kids under 16 committing serious crimes, make parents serve time as well.
    too many low life parents seem to believe that society is responsible for taking care of their kids.
  4. So what do you make of the 7 year old that stabbed a woman in Liverpool?

    Keep Striving.
  5. Go down St Budeaux Square at a night time & you will find 3/4s of the teenagers down there acting like feral animals , loads of them , parents probably could'nt give a shite what there doing until something happens to them , then its everybody else's fault but theres , fxxxxxxxxxxg savages , sorry rant over for the time being anyway , :evil: :evil:
  6. Family discipline has been dropped because do-gooders say that you should not smack the kids legs for doing wrong. I said smack, not beat! Discipline can do no real harm as All ex-servicemen/women know!!

  7. Have to Ditto to that "SB" ,
  8. I had a few smacks in my youth not so long ago, and believe me in moderation it doesn't do harm. If over used it's no longer scary and is just another way for attention so one does have to be careful in how you give out your punishment.
  9. Well said !!!!!
  10. Most right minded people would agree, unfortunately not many of them are in the Government and too many liberal wishy washy tree hugging hippy do-gooders are running PC organisations and Human Rights Organisations.

    How come it is a breach of their Human Rights to be punished but not a breach of mine to have to put up with their abuse, be it verbal or physical...
  11. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    It's a funny old world. I have two children, the youngest (as they do) is trying his hardest to get attention and invariably that means he gets chastised. All the usual tricks rewards, incentives, fail - so now he gets a light smack on the hand and is excluded from whatever activity he was doing - big shock and embarassment factor and it works a treat.

    However, I got hauled in at his nursery because he'd said "daddy smacks me if I'm naughty so I'm good now". Rather than get a well done as his behaviour has improved and he doesn't disrupt classes anymore I got warned if there was any forms of marks we'd be reported to the police????? And this was after they'd noted that his behaviour had vastly improved.

    The problem with kids in general now (god that makes me sound soooo old - which I'm not), is that (IMHO) they know there are no real repercussion or consequences they will face, and in general the average person on the street won't get involved because they are too scared and when someone does get involved they invaraiably get hurt. Its become a vicious circle. They need a similar shock and embarrasment factor as my 4 year old, instead of a tap on the wrists they need to be singled out, excluded from mainstream activities and if need be given some physical punishment.
  12. People, not just kids, should be made responsible for their own actions. It’s too easy for people (kids and adults) to blame everyone else but themselves. If parents can’t be arsed to discipline their kids, then who will, or more importantly who can?
  13. Our son has been out of sorts of late,,, been very naughty...
    yes i know a light smack dose not damage but I HATE smacking,,, have found removal of prised posessions ie TV from his room has helped a lot..trouble is when he gets used to that...... what next??
    We all come from a background where smacking was not a did us not real damage ....unfortunatly there will always be those who over step the mark and go too far.. it is them that need help to learn other ways of dealing with there children
    Do you think we give our children toooooo much because our generation had so little..........who only knowes what the next generation.. ie our grandchildren will be like if we keep getting day us so called oldies will be left on the side of life....
  14. They say that if you were smacked as a kid you will probably smack your own kids....I smack mine very rarely. However my old man used to kick the crap out of me but it hasn't made me do the same to my kids.....
  15. Wave_dodger you don't have to be old to see if your child or any other for that matter, is not behaving. When I was at school I got the cane for breaking a school rule, :oops: I never did it again!
    Although I did go scrumping apples, when I was 21 while on my juniors course at Lympstone, I didn't do it again they were bloody sour :razz:

  16. Problem is they know there Human Rights mate , in my opinion you earn your human rights especialy the older you get , ******** of a government havent a clue , not one of them ,
  17. One school in my neck of the woods actually employs a councillor to teach the kids there rights, letting them know what the police can and can’t do. The same school has the worst discipline record of all schools in the city. I think that speaks volumes.

  18. Blood boiling , shakeing my head in amazment , these fxxxxxxxg idiots cant see the damage they are doing , despair despair despair , :evil: :evil:

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