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Kids school exams

A school teacher said to her class "Today children we are having an exam. I want everyone to use there name and make up a rhyme." She points to a little girl and said "Sadie you can start." Little girl stands up and begins. " My name is Sadie and when I grow up to be a lady I would like to have a baby." Very good say's the teacher Eight out of ten. Next she points to a little lad who stands up and said " My name is Sam and when I grow up to be a man I would like to go to China and Japan.'' Very good Sam eight out of ten. one by one all the kids take there turn untill there in the corner picking his nose and scratching his arse is this scruffy little sod. "You there stop picking your nose and lets hear yours. Up he gets and starts " My name is also Sam but fu_k going to China and Japan and if Sadie wants a baby I'm just the fu_king man"
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