Kids playing footall

The wife and I,not in the best of sorts,often cycle around the lanes of the Borders as a way of getting back to health.
The wife knows I like to watch youngsters playing in Football matches as I want to find the next Jackie Milburn,not that I was any good at football,played in the school team but was uninspiring at best.
We stopped to watch a school match and two teachers walked over and asked who we were and why were we watching children!
She said if we didn't move the Police would be called!
Now,as some one who would happily castrate paedophiles and preserve their jewels to send to Judges, I was more than sad especially as we are are both past 70 years old!
This country sucks and whilst I know kids have to be protected, where has our kids innocence gone?
I suppose if moving my wife and me on is part of protecting them then I accept it, but we live in a sick country with sick laws and sick Judges/ MP's who don't keep these perverts off our streets.
Rant over but we were annoyed, but more sad than anything.
He does have a point, though. I must confess to not being as sensible and pragmatic as seafarer1939. People threaten to call the police at the drop of a hat these days and my standard response is usually; all right, call the Police then.

Remember the days when we were innocent until found guilty?


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POL: I understand the sentiment, but like most situations these days, those that threaten to call the Police to report "a paedophile" very rarely do. And I know that the Police do not always get a fair hearing on this site, but those "concerned members of the community" (!!) that do actually report the matter to the cops are usually dismissed as neighbourhood sh!t stirrers by the Police, once the "facts of their allegation" are heard... :oops:
Laws are often passed by Parliament with the best of intentions.The wording of these laws are sometimes poor and leave them open to misinterpretation and we end up with a situation such as seafarer has described.The Police are saddled with trying to make sure the laws are obeyed.They should not attract our ire but the politicians who wrote the laws in the first place.
A ridiculous situation SF.

I am ignorant of the law on this one but find the lack of trust in society and the need to 'protect' kids is appalling; we are crippling our children with fear.

My kids are going to be freaks as adults when their own kids will eat the food they are given, climb trees, talk to people and decide for themsleves if they are a threat and, most importantly, have the nouse to react appropriately.
As someone who lives in the Borders as well, I could see that happen very easily. They seem twice as paranoid about anything happening, orienteering was cancelled in-case someone "got lost" - which to me is the whole point. Also when I was at first year of high school playing Rugby a few people stopped to watch.
We(the "kids") didn't care, but then two of the teachers went over and told them to move along, we all stopped playing and couldn't believe what the teachers where doing.

Myself and all of my friends ripped the piss out of those teachers from that day on: Mr ****** was now Mr GaySee etc
Above all, we became more suspicious of the teachers. The joke in the changing room was that the teachers didn't want to get caught purving on us kiddies/share us.
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