Kids need a slap

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Lingyai, May 29, 2007.

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  1. I was raging after listening to Jeremy Vine on radio 2 to hear that most young children would not fight for their country.
    Now I can understand that they might not want to go and fight in the desert, but not defend your country?
    I loved the little words of wisdom such as "there must be a better way then tofight invaders"
    "If I fought I would be as bad as those who were invading"
    I hope they got this wrong and the young people would be prepared to fight.
    Some of the adults too saying the country is not worth defending, these fools need a dry slap.
    They are living in cloud cuckoo land, there will always be war, it is human nature.
    God help us, becuase these cowardly little shites won't.
  2. I think the ' kids ' these days do not have the national pride that we had as ' kids ' when we ' played ' soldiers or whatever and actually respected those who wore the uniform realising what ' they ' were prepared to sacrifice . With the countries being sold in more ways than one the kids of today are confused as to who they really are regarding a national identity . I suppose , in a nutshell , the kids don't give a rodent's rectum because nobody else gives a f**k either . The ' bulldog ' spirit has gone from what I see as the pollies flog the national silver to the highest bidder. Sad really when ' kids ' have an attitude like this. Enough to make you :pukel:
  3. One thing on that though, it is less and less likely these days for a young person to have a family member who has served in the Armed Forces, particularly if they are not UK born. My father was in the army just as National Service was on its way out, he was born in Ireland but came over here and signed up anyway. Hence I had a connection from birth.

    If there is no connection to the forces within your family then it is more likely that the forces will have no relevance to you. Most people under the age of 25 are highly unlikely to have a parent who has done national service, so therefore no connection. Additionally they have been educated in a wishy washy atmosphere for which teachers and local councils bear 90% of the responsibility.

  4. To be honest Ling, I think I could get almost any answer to this type of question that you wanted, it is all a matter of the actual wording of the question, and then choosing where you ask it, and probably also choosing who asks it. I would also suggest that the fiascos of Iraq and Afghanistan are not helping, especially in the younger mind where the subbtle diference between the military, doing what they are told, and the government making bad choices are more difficult to comprehend.

    As for the one who claimed there should be a better way of dealing with invaders, in reality he is dead right, but we just hanen't managed to find it yet, and until then.
  5. I was interested to hear one of them actually say they wiuld welcome invaders if they promised to make things better !!!

    Can you imagine it - 1935 and that nice Mr Hitler goes to Poland and says
    'Look chaps, if you let us run your country we will make it so much better for you'

    Well I hope they enjoy their FREE education and FREE Health care becasue they wont get it in a lot of countries and if that isnt worth fighting for then they deserve to get rogered by some invading thug who only wants to steal what they have and kill their family...... :nike:
  6. Perhaps if the little cowards were to hear that those invading would immediately stop all forms of benefits they would have a rethink.
  7. Or, worse, if their parents were told that the Jeremy Kyle show was to be taken off air by the invaders, they'd all be fighting :threaten:
  8. Perhaps it is about time schools started teaching


    rather than how much you can rob off the state while watching chav-vision on television
  9. 1 Duties
    2 Obligations
    3 Rights

    It is neccessary to fulfill 1 and 2 before receiving 3
  10. Schools teach a constant mantra that violence is always wrong and violence never solves anything…

    Try telling that to the Cathaginians.
  11. And why are they no longer allowed to have competitive sports for god sake.......

    'There are no losers, just some came first and others didnt' or is that what the other half says sometimes :nemo:
  12. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    You have got a point Ling, but I feel it is about the comfort and security offered by our distance from war these days rather than attitude, of which it is a by-product. War to them is something on You Tube and the Telly ... its the fleeting glimpse of some hapless Yank in a Humvee getting shredded by a VBIED, or glamourised and sanitised as much as it can be with action music in some Hollywood blockbuster. It isn't the hot fear, terror, dread, burning flesh and the aftermath to deal with. It isn't digging kids out of a Palestinian house completely unconnected with Hamas, or Fatah or anything remotely terrorist. It isn't these kids facing some alien nation with their odd custums and harsh manner tramping through your streets, busting down your door and trashing the place looking for weapons. For them, it isn't going to work on a networked transport system and getting blown up by blokes with rucksacks. People say, 'there's 10,000 terrorists living and operating here, in the UK, right now.' Bollocks. There's sixty million of us. I'd wager if we were overrrun by (for convenience sake) a hoard of Chinese invaders who oppressed our way of life, blew up our television stations, arrestsed, tortured and executed our families, called in air strikes on our neighbourhoods and committed us to a life of abject misery in their name of 'freedom' and 'democracy' I'd wager these fat, lazy little peaceniks would be gladly taking up arms and strapping explosives to their torsos within months.

    'The truth is, comfort kills ... '

  13. Oh! The Jeremy Kyle show! If you were already depressed it'd be enough to have you heading for the nearest bridge. Where do these people come from?
    Not that I ever watch it of course..cough cough!
  14. Levers, if they wait months the it would be too late. Why dont we just grab them off the streets, strap explosives to them and check them out the van as we drive past
  15. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Jeremy Kyle is another bit of keyhole surgery into the soft underbelly of this great nation. In essence, it is TV for the Epsilons, the absolute base level humans who are either:

    a. On Jeremy Kyle having their shitsack lives ripped to the tits by some moralising, strutting prick.

    b. In the audience of Jeremy Kyle, having no fucking job or existence to belong to save for sitting in the audience shaking their bescrunchied, huge-hooped earringed heads dismissively and occasionally hypocritically pontificating at the 'guests' with the words, 'Can I just say ...' as an opener.

    c. Sat at home watching Jeremy Kiyle, manufacturing next month's car crash television in an eternal pit of bone-idle inertia, ekeing out one's existence from one potless, Chav-heavy day of cap'n'classics to the next.

  16. Well, heres one for you to think about regarding "JK".
    Our mess has a bunch of tickets for that "show" and some are planning on going up to wherever its filmed IN RIG to be part of the audience! Twats [​IMG]
  17. A point though! What chance is there now of the old kind of war that required conscription?
    All our old local enemies are now under the blanket of the EU as are we, those we had been fighting for hundreds of years.
    I see more of a threat to our peace from our so called ally on the far side of the Atlantic than anything local.
    Of the so called 'war on terrorism' then terrorism can come from many directions and is hard to plan for. In any case that phrase was coined by a particularly deranged U.S. president (Sorry I was watching the History Channel - Roman Empire series, last night; boy oh boy do there seem to be some similarities).
    The UK now has no substantial industrial base nor a large military force, for better or worse. Do we still need the old physcology?
    I bought a flat a couple of years ago in a 20's block in S.W. London and found out that General de Gaulle used to live next door when he was here during the last world war. My 20 yr old nephew on hearing this said (no surprises)' Who is General de Gaulle'?
    I am not complacent and do not believe that history teaches us any lessons other than to be able to anticipate what might happen next.
    Could it be that we have moved on and beyond? Or just down to apathy and laziness?
  18. You never know, they may end up being on the show - how my shipmate abused me and handed my iPod to some nasty foreigner......

    Or will end up being abused by the rest of the audience, descend into an all out chav bashing free for all and get arrested for helping clense the gene pool by removing some of the chav scum that floats on the top.
  19. That is a very sad state of affairs if true, however, to be fair, a fair proportion of my friends are either thinking of joining up, in the process of joining, are in training or are serving, mind I suppose I am slightly biased in that gaving come from the cadets, I have a slightly military biased background.

    I would echo what stabradrop said, those who have family members in the forces are more likely to join, I had both uncles in the forces, grandad with the Greenjackets before that.

    And the fact that the vast majority of my teachers have been of the warm and fluffy mentality of War never solves anything.
  20. I listened to the show and was ashamed to be from Scarborough!I wonder if they knew Scarborough had been shelled by the German Grand Fleet in WW1?One did backpeddle on further questioning,but i wonder how loud they would scream for the Armed Forces if some invading Mob started up Scarborough beach and proceded to shoot at anything tht moves?All the "youff" of today seem to care about is Designer Gear,gadgets,money and underage sex leading to a drain on social security!!!!Spose some of their Grandparent DID die for Nothing!!!!!!

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