Kids In Pubs

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by KATWEEZIL, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. Is it me? I have just returned from my local in disgust at the manager for allowing the kind of behaviour described below.
    Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t disagree entirely with the practice, indeed under wise parental guidance it could be a good thing. What on this occasion has gripped my shit is the parents. 7pm on a Sunday evening in various stages of inebriation (From "Rather Jolly" to "legless and profane") NOT ONE OF THEM WAS SOBER.

    … So the inevitable happened – Kids got bored, Started annoying the other patrons which the parents did Jack about, Other Patrons started to leave. The sad thing was me and Mrs Katweezil were in with the dog ( Miniture Yorkie – Cute as Hell) Which of course attracted the attention of said kids, and here was the eye-opener. One of the older kids (Girl of around 8) says to me “We want to go home but our Mums and Dads said that we have to stay†One of the younger ones was actually falling asleep under the table. In all honesty they weren’t little sods, just bored kids. It shouldn’t be allowed.

    When I was that age, Thanks to living on an RN caravan Site in the middle of nowhere (Well Milltown – Near Elgin) The focus of the Area for all the lodgers was the “Milltown Country Club†(2 Nissan Huts in the corner of one of the sites) Now kids were allowed in the Club but were discouraged from hanging around the Bar. (Slim could probably expand on this) As I recall, we were allowed in the TV Room and Play area (Nursery) and only allowed in the Bar to see our parents if there was a problem. And DRUNKENESS WAS NEVER TOLERATED.

    …However maybe I digress a tad

    My point is this, should the laws about Minors in drinking establishments be changed? we seem to have parents who are “Responsibility deficient†I’m not sure an outright ban would be good as I think it’s a no bad thing to show kids how to behave around alcohol. However maybe an age limit would be a good thing?

    Sorry for Ranting

  2. Same problem in my local. Even on glorious summer days you cant get to the bar for prams and sprogs running wild! Signs have now been put up limiting anyone with children to two drinks! how sad its come to this.
  3. Personally I preferred the days when children were BANNED from pubs. I'd like to see it return to those days. I'd also like to see alcopops go the same way as the dodo.
  4. What,stuffed and in a glass case in a Museum? :lol: :lol:
  5. It was'nt that long ago here in Scotland a good few bars would not serve women! :lol:
    Oh and you could enjoy a cigarette with your drink. Happy days.

  6. Maybe just the stuffed bit. :D
  7. Katweezil,
    Copy what you wrote there mate. But I'm sure these kids are protected under the Olver Family Parenting Act??
  8. I thought kids had to 14 or over, but if they serve food etc thats ok(But it isnt if you get my drift)
    Perhaps we should have adults only pubs the same as non smoking ones.

  9. That would imply we had the right of "choice".

    Come on, you know Nanny knows best!
  10. The smoking room in the pub opposite my house is also the childrens room, great planning, all these kids running around breathing in cigarette smoke. I have only just quit but even when I was on 20 a day I couldn't bring myself to smoke in there. The worst part was the parents who dumped there kids in there with a coke and then fcuked off to the other bar!
  11. Katweezil,

    I think these people are my next door neighbours! Always skull drunk dragging their kids to and from the pub.
    They (the kids) are protected by the law, but who's going to enforce it? You should phone Social Services, but then who would in that position? I have had to seriously bite my tongue at my local.
    I don't think kids should be banned from pubs, I believe children and parents should be together in a family bar. I enjoy a pint in a smoke free environment after a nice walk down the front, but would NEVER get drunk in front of mine.
  12. We used to ban kids in our pub as we weren't covered on our insurance for them inside (outside on patio was fine) - last landlord turned a blind eye. When we moved in and introduced the ban we had lots of complaints and lost a lot of customers but we stuck with it and in the end we had a much better pub for it. We didn't do food so parents couldn't use the excuse of brining them for a meal - parents were coming to the pub to drink or watch football. The customers we lost were no great loss and we gained lots more who enjoyed the atmosphere more without kids. Only downside was summer when everyone would bring them outside.
  13. katweezil,

    I think that kids should not be allowed into pubs at all, whether food is being served or not. Take them to a restaurent.
    Where I work on a saturday there are kids running, screaming and often annoying the adults who are there trying to enjoy a quiet beer etc. If you tell these kids off you then might feel the wrath of the parents for telling them. Personally pubs arent for kids, should be minimum age of 18 for entry, adults only..................


  14. Coming back from our run ashore on saturday night, went passed a pub in pompey, a young lady with a baby in a sling was walking out some what worse for were,

    On the other hand I take my LO in to the pub quiet often, try and keep her under control best I can, we tend only to go to pubs with beer gardens and play areas for the kid, that way if she is playing up and some old boy gets moaning about trying to enjoy a quiet pint I can point out that the play area should have given them a big clue as to the fact kids would be welcome.
  15. The Milltown club was great. however as for drunkenness not being tolerated, for many members the idea was to get drunk, however troublemakers were not tolerated so lots of happy drunks. Kids were only allowed in until about 2000 from what I remember then had to go home. Didn't stop many of the parents staying though as the caravans were close to the club. happy memories of cheap drinks in good company, including the civie members who lived locally.
  16. Crekin,
    Are you saying that parents are banned from pubs? You state the problem yourself, that parents don't control their kids.
    I agree entirely that children should be well behaved, but they a re noisy when they enjoy themselves. I wouldn't take a child into a pub that didn't 'cater' for them (playroom / swings etc) as they'd get bored. But if you approached me and told me my kid was annoying you, I'd apologise and get her to calm down... I think the problem is parents who do not take responsibilty for their kids, and allow them to run amock. Ban those, don't tar me with your brush
  17. The crux of the problem is parents who won't take responsibility, as we've all said, but no amount of legislation regarding kids in pubs will really change things for the better for those children. The parents will just shirk their responsibilities in the home, too.

    Let's nip this problem in the bud, castrate anyone who fails to pass a common sense test.
  18. Gollyman - no not at all.....maybe its just where I work that the parents of some kids do not take control of them. Its like a lot of things these days where people do not want to get involved because of the back lash from their opinion.
    Sorry to offend you if I did......
    I too took our kids into the clubs around the married quarters patch when they were young and i made sure they were not unruley (probably spelt wrong)

  19. Ok so us parents can't go to pubs then - a bit draconian I think seeing as most parents I know really need some time out!!
  20. As long as parents are responsible with their kids-- no problem-- imho

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