Kids in Need 2010

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Nov 21, 2010.

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  1. Me and Mrs NoMates donated our tenner this year as we usually do, but then we got to thinking. As we watched Cheryl Cole looking all serious and sad - as she asked the British population to give money for this years appeal, we thought...hang on YOU lot staring out of the telly into my front room have more money in your tea-boat float than we have ever had in our bank account...why the f**k are you asking us Joe "Harry-Skinters" public to top up the charitys coffers?
    Naturally, we as a nation always do, and I suppose that some of these affluent celebrities put their hands in their pockets as well. They always "offer their services" at gigs/shows etc for free as we are often informed or donate their fee to charity.....that fee comes from us in the first place (again). The frock Ms. Cole was wearing would probably buy half a dozen mini-buses for some kids charity alone. Perhaps the next Children in Need can have some sort of "role reversal" and be introduced by ordinary folk, whilst the celebs sit at home, watching the telly....and they can pick up the phone and pledge say £100,000 of their spare change. I'm sure there are loads of anonymous donations....but it would be interesting to know just which minted *A-listers* hand over a few bob when Sir Terry rattles his tin.

    (A couple of cash-related snippets from the press)

    During his 40 years in showbusiness, Terry's work ethic has helped him amass a personal fortune worth more than £20million. And he tops up his already bulging bank balance with lucrative voiceover work - listen out for his dulcet tones on the Tesco ads.

    Cheryl has made more than £5million as a member of Girls Aloud. And her earning power is soaring. She also now rakes in £6million a year, including £1.2million from the X Factor, £500,000 as French firm L'Oreal's UK celeb and other ad deals with KitKat and Coke Zero. The divorce will mean decisions over who gets their £6million home - and pet chihuahuas Buster and Coco.
  2. CiN is one of my charities, being that I am a TOG (and proud of it before you start). Sir Terry is very wealthy it is true, by reason of his hard work as you say, but he gives his time and effort, unpaid to publicise a charity that is very dear to his heart. For instance, in the auction for things that money can't buy he auctioned lunch at his house (with Janet and John). He will pay for the chef and the food and those people will give up their time which this year raised £20k (I think).

    On the TOGs cruise he auctioned lunch at the Ivy (again I think, but it was certainly a good restuarant) with himself and I think Dedders (that he paid for) which raised £1000.

    Chris Evans - another extremely wealthy man, has arranged the car thing which raised over a £250k and the round of golf with Lee Westwood for £85k.

    May I point you in the direction of Peter Kay last year and the CiN single and this year JLS. They give their time for nothing.

    I am not sure it is about giving money per se, it is about raising the profile of the charity and giving what you can - which is their celebrity-ness.

    As as aside - may I take this opportunity to shamelessly plug some links please -

    Charity goods CiN auction on Ebay -

    TOGs charity goods -
    (I can tell you the Terry Wogan breakfast tea is fab and may I strongly recommend the Janet and John CDs)

    And if you want that special card - currently selling for CiN.
  3. i have room in my shed for three kids.

    technically there is only room for two but i can fit one under the foundations.

    let me know where to pick em up.
  4. Unfortunately the money raised for children in need seems to find ts way to the same old groups.
    Disabled children are fairly well catered for with extra payment made to their parents to assist with any extra care needed.
    Many chav parents seem to produce ADHD kids by the dozen, they are given extra cash to enable them to go down the pub, the tattoo parlour and the nail bar in order that they may forget they have kids.

    The kids that really need a little help are those who have two parents working their arses off to pay a mortgage, feed and clothe their kids and at the end of the day have no cash left to buy their children expensive holidays, designer clothes, flat screen televisions or video games, things that are essential to those families which live rather well on benefits.

    Let the kids of hard working families benefit, oh sorry I must be living in a dream world, the parents of these kids wouldn't know how to apply for the cash.
  5. I recall watching a programme a couple of months after Live AId in '85 (I was there and sweated my tits off) on how good it is for record sales when doing charity work ... It is all self serving.

    Cynical? Moi?
  6. You may well be correct slim, but do you have any evidence to back these statements? How things 'seem' is not really a basis for rational debate.
  7. Guzzler
    The only evidence that I have is my own.
    My kids were well looked after but there was no spare cash for any luxuries left after the bills were paid. They took sandwiches and a bottle of tap water for their school lunch. They were always complaining that the gypsy kids (who were on free meals) used to spend at least a pound a day in the school tuck shop. Others on free meals used to laugh at my kids because they did not wear designer trainers.

    Often the disadvantaged are those that are working for a living.

    My son used to joke about it though
    He once said to me "John has got a new bike, he has just been given the latest Atari game and he is going to Disney World.............................Wish I had leukemia"
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    How is John?
  9. Luckilly, John who was/is the son of my sons teacher made a full recovery. :p
    This was back in the early 80s
  10. I thought this was Lil's.
    There again I thought you was Guzzler :D
  11. What gives me the absolute bollock-ache is when twats with minimal talent and more money than sense witter on about giving us your fcukin money. Bonio and Bob Geldof are just 2 examples of self-serving sanctamonious cock suckers that dont know what it's like to have no money whatsoever but still find a few quid to help others.

    Perhaps a few of the general public should be recognised for their actions for charities now and again.
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    *Serious head on*

    People like you and others on this site mucker. Unsung heroes in my opinion.

    *Serious head off*

    I suppose the money for sponsored naked roll mat fighting is still money at the end of the day.
  13. Cheers mate. Appreciated

    But as your aware like so many others i'm not doing it for personal gain and to make myself look good for the public.
  14. Here's a plan XRD, you collect the money do all the work and tell them it was me. I can handle the glory. :D :D :oops:

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