Kicking off in Poland

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Topstop, Oct 16, 2012.

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    Lots of fans kicking off in Poland after the match was postponed because they have to be back in England tomorrow to go to work. The English don't mind staying another night though.
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  2. Sorry the kiss ball fans were upset, you pay your money you take your chances.
    Just remember they will be out of pocket but the football clubs will not, they players even when not playing will still be paid, so who are the suckers?:pottytrain1::pottytrain1::pottytrain1:
  3. ===================


    "Kicking off in Poland"?

    Drat - For a moment there I was mislead into thinking it's ultimatum time all over again... :wink:
  4. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I can't believe what a joke international football is becoming. This is a ridiculous situation, perhaps some pathetic attempt to affect England's game plan, but the U21 in Serbia incident was utterly disgraceful.
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  5. The jam role, made me laugh...she should be the head honcho, at HR in the MOD :biggrin: "None of the sides wanted such a solution," said Agnieszka Olejkowska. "We knew there would be heavy rain but we could not 100 percent predict the downpour."
    With rain still falling heavily at the scheduled kick-off time she said it was not possible to close the roof.
    "We have a heating system which, if we close the roof, can dry the pitch in 30 minutes," she said.:w00t:
  6. Just goes to show once really big money became involved, the sport of football at professional level is totally corrupt starting at the top down. This almost stinks of being deliberate or total incompetence.

    If so called fans want things to change take the pounds in their pockets and spend elsewhere, then watch the rules change when the money dries up, instead of wasting their money on kiss ball they could have a value for money day out and watch Rugby, where the violence is on the park and not in the stands.:w00t::naka:;-P;-P;-P
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