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Kick out a Migrant!


War Hero
Well I kicked out every one of the bastards but at the end of the game they are still there ! Just more multiculti shite aimed at making the more gullible Australians feel good about giving their country to ethnics. :pukel:


War Hero
How come I kicked the same one out twice?

Are there any migrants in the crowd that are xcosting Oz a fortune or just the specially selected ones that have done well?

Has anyone tossed out a tosser yet?


What a stupid, stupid game... everytime I kick one of the cnuts out it bleeds on that you COST the Australian economy. Was it written by their Labour party? :frustrated:

Still, Ji Hyun Kim a decent 1106.568km... 'Ave It! :clap:


Lantern Swinger
That was a fun game haha.
But it realy brings home the truths.
I know theres millions of migrants in England and most people arnt happy about it.
But alot of them realy do contribute to society and help alot.

Wierd how a game has kinda changed my views :S
Most of the Migrants do contribute. The argument is that it helps to pay current Pensions. That argument gets a bit thin, though, when you have to pay for extra schools facilities for the kids, hospitals for their new kids to be born in and facilities for pre existing medical conditions. Add to that the need for social housing to accommodate them and the net gain starts to look very marginal.

At least in this part of Westoland, the Poles got the busses running on time.
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