Kick A Migrant

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by witsend, Apr 17, 2009.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


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  2. Trouble is you keep getting the same migrant, can't we increase the size of the boot or make the cliff edge a little more unsafe ??
  3. 610, 632 km
  4. 1022.661 km even. Woops at me being a mong.
  5. 1305.91 km Only another 1 million to go
  6. 1437.23km
  7. If you feel that you are such a great patriot at least get the language right.
  8. A football match between India and Pakistan had to be abandoned after a player was given a red card and 50000 fans ran onto the pitch thinking it was a british passport 8O
  9. 1,100,763 km. :lol: But this is really a lefty trendy PC feel good site about the wonderful contribution migrants are making to Australian society. There are no lebanese rapists, sudanese thugs, eastern european dole cheats or other assorted vermin in the group to be booted. Strange when these types are the real face of immigration.
  10. Your wrong matey, the reason is they are all in the UK now.

    An american woman stopped me in the street and said to me are you Polish? I have been told everyone in this town is Polish, but I have not met one so far, everybody seems to be British, where are they/
    I said all the poles are at work.
  11. 1096.785
  12. 1269.432
  13. These scores are they for one kick or is it your total?

    I ask as if its one kick, then I am so fcuking rubish its unreal. :cry:
  14. My apologies witsend. I was informed in the pub today by a fellow RRer what a twat I made myself look.

    Drink innit?

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