Discussion in 'Motoring' started by janner, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Has anyone any experience of owning or driving a Kia of any model, the prices and fittings look to be good value for money, which, nowadays is a worry, so any advice or experiences of them appreciated
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    Last Christmas when I landed at Gatwick my hire car was up graded to a 7 seater Kia Carens Diesel Automatic. Cos all the smaller one had gone because of the fog chaos that week.

    An excellent car well equipped, drove very well and was pokey considering its size and transmission type.

    I did feel if was a bit heavy on juice but then perhaps it is the fact that my 1400cc Diesel Ford Fusion in Spain seems to go miles on a snifter.

    I think they are great value for money, our neighbor has the larger one a Sedona and is impressed with it.

  3. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Unfortunate name for a car - the initials caused me to momentarily think you had been in some sort of RTA - heaven forbid....
  4. Take a look at which gives the safety ratings for most cars. Safety isn't the only thing to take into account but gives a good idea of the ethos behind the manufacturer.
    Kia are starting to show good results but some of the older models perform poorly.
    I'm a great fan of Top Gear and if you look at the 'ordinairy' cars they have celebrities (awful word) drive, then they tend to be of the Kia variety.
    The latest are Chevrolets; in fact Daewoos with a badge on the front.
    Both Daewoo and its stable mate Kia are trying to up their image but you cannot expect any of their cars, at the moment, to be as driveable as European or the better Japanese cars. They are now employing, mostly British, ride and handling engineers so in the next few years things could well look up a lot.
    You get a lot of knobs and buttons for your money but that has to come at the expense of something else, even with the lower labour costs these manufacturers have.
    A lot of European cars have all the knobs and buttons, good NCAP ratings, and competitive prices.
  5. i bought a kia sedonna, manual diesel, , the ride and comfort was great along with handling, it was a bit sluggish in the low gears but from third up was good.
    the only downside and the reason i got rid of it was the price of parts and servicing, £360 for a cambelt change, and kia dealers wouldn't sell the cambelt to me for an independent garage to do.
    also with six people in, there was hardly any space for luggage. hope this helps.
  6. FFS mate, I thought you meant KIA as in Killed In Action, not as in Kia the car!!!

    Never actually driven one, but a lad from work has a 4WD which I believe is a Kia. I will ask him and get back to you. Wait out.
  7. You get what you pay for!

    If you're after a reasonable priced car that does the job then they're fine.

    Personally I couldn't live with the "quirky" styling, poor panel gap, general "tinnyness" and lack of any kind of performance :( Definitely not my cup of tea!
  8. PM me with what you want and I'll get you the best deal I can. I sell then when not dressed in CS95 (AW(FP)). The Cee'd is a seriously good car!
  9. I thought the same , wondered why it was in motoring .
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just started looking at the moment and the Cee'd and one of the 4x4 caught my eye. Retirement is growing closer and we will be dropping back to one car (at present have 206 and Isuzu 4x4), so will probably go for either a larger Estate or 4x4, looking at the Cee'd blurb it seemed to be ticking some of the boxes, especially the 7 year warranty
  11. Sell Vauxhalls too! Forces get discount with Vauxhall!!
  12. I have driven the KIA Sportage 4X4,its not too bad and they are doing a deal on the petrol version at just over 13k.It wasnt what i was looking for so i bought a Land Rover Freelander Freestyle.
  13. I have a kia picanto that I converted to lpg. Its a good car and one I purchased as the miles im putting on it are extreme. When looking at this I realised I was better buying a new car than a second hand one and take the hit with depreciation as the miles meant anything I got would be worth nothing in next to no time.

    As for the picanto itself its quite roomy for a small car. Comfy in the back ( a friend said it was one of the most comfortable he had been in when travelling from Scotland to pompey). Performance is okay, it will keep up with most things but sometimes is a little frustrating. Discs all round which is a bonus for such a cheap car. Always check the emmisions model, for example the GS and the LX have different emmissions catergories and so one is in a lower tax bracket.

    Economy is nowhere near what KIA claim, do some research of independent tests first - not just repeats of claims. The best i have seen is 48mpg but KIA claim about 50 -60mpg. At first if you buy new it will be terrible, KIA's economy seems to get better as the miles go on. Anything up to 10000 will see an improvement.

    The ceed is a lovely car. i would take one at the drop of a hat. Look past the badge and the features are really good. I have never been one for badge snobbery. It is really worth a few grand more to have a different make on it when at the end of the day you can have more comfort and features.

    It does though depend on what YOU want and would YOU be happy with it.

    look here for more info

    babystew they should have sold you the cambelt. Maybe you got a crappy dealer. Mine will sell all the service kits. Did you mention informing KIA U.K. of their attitude. Under U.K. law a company cannot hide information about models anymore (i believe they cant insist on parts being fitted by them either)(but would need to check). I had a similiar problem with the check engine light on first fitting my LPG kit and could read the code with my reader but a local garage wouldnt tell me what it meant - untill i pointed out that i knew about the specific law and they quickly told me after that.
  14. Wanting to get in touch with your feminine side Andym?
  15. No,just too much of a shortarse to get in a Proper Landy!
  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    You beat me to that one Andy, I've heard VG reports on the Freelander the most common moan though is you need to be a short arse to be really comfortable
  17. I know a few people with Kia's, they like them. 142hp 2 litre engine is ok, goes well enough but does drink a fair bit of oil (check that dipstick). 2.7V6 a bit underpowered and fairly harsh, works better in the older Tucson. Diesel is not a patch on similar PSA engines, but is relatively cheap, smaller new common rail TDs are better (variable geometry turbos), but still lack the refinement of the PSA/BMW or even Fords. But its a diesel, right!

    They have parts commonality with equivalent Hyundai, eg Kia Rio=H. Accent, K. Spectra/Ceed = H. Elantra, H Sonata =K. Magentis (as best as I can tell). Floorpans and chassis, engines and most of electrics and switchgear are common. Older cars are good buys if they've been serviced regularly (FSH), granted they lack the refinements of the newer cars (six airbags, std ABS, PAS etc but are also lighter, and the older 1.8 spectra is about as quick as the newer car. Stick to manuals for the 1.6 and below, and only get AC in the bigger cars eg the 3.3v6

    From what you've said its either a Ceed SW or a Sportage/Sorento, so also check out the Hyundai I30, Matrix, and Tucson.
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Hmm... when I read the title to this thread I thought it was a bit strange having a "Killed In Action" story in the Motoring section...

    ...I must be tired! 8O :?
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks SC, all useful stuff. :thumright:

    SgtP, late with the comments again, even the Booties spotted it before you. Spelling it in that manner hopefully made the curious read it and respond.

  20. Bought myself a Kia Rio in 2002, great car. I do in excess of 25K a year and had no problems with it. Got rid of it this year when some drunk twat decided to use it as a brake!

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