Key section of new Navy carrier is on the move

Ministry of Defence said:
As an 8,000-tonne hull section of the Royal Navy's latest aircraft carrier begins a 600-mile (966km) journey around the north coast of Scotland, a team of cyclists has set off to try and 'beat the block' to its destination.



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The new carriers are being built by an alliance of BAE Systems, Babcock, Thales UK and the Ministry of Defence, and will give the Royal Navy a four-acre (16,200 square metres) military operating base which can be deployed worldwide.
Square metres?
A two dimensional ship?
Future headline, Fitcarraldo Nominated as RN Carrier CO.
Future headline, Fitcarraldo Nominated as RN Carrier CO

OK, I'll bite - I have no idea what the significance of that statement is - any chance of explaining it to someone clearly as intellectually challenged as yours truly?
I think he was a "prospector" in Peru. Basically i think the story went that he bought a piece of rubber plantation. The only way to get his ship across to it was to drag it over a few mountains with the help of local tribes, may have been a film.


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Apologies for using the Fitzcarraldo reference for a second time. The first was when the press spoke of (I think) HMS PORTLAND going anywhere in the world.

Yes I'm being pedantic but media and ministerial clichés make the media and ministers sound bone. Ships are constrained to working in water (minimum depth below the keel required). Some can cope with a certain amount of ice. When ships other than LSL types mount terra firma, they come to a grinding halt as does the old man's / old lady's career.

the Royal Navy's latest aircraft carrier
Eight years late and counting.
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