Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by MasterChief, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. so what do we all think they are, i keep hearing various themes;

  2. You should speak to the Command Warrant Officer at CMR. As I understand it, He has been appointed to keep his finger on the pulse of these things.
  3. AHAAAA ! What makes you think Masterchief ISN't the CWO on a fishing exped ?
    Beadwindow anyone ?
  4. Today's "Stating the Obvious" award goes to -
  5. How about knowing what our role is in the RN is and do they want us. With a Mar Ops badge for everyone it looks like it will be easier in future to loose branches and shift people across (oh dear, there seems to be a large puddle forming around me).
  6. Quote
    Today's "Stating the Obvious" award goes to -

    Well the top contenders have got to be MC, FAB, McH or the CWO at CMR anyone with a Mar Ops badge is looking good, but then any member of the SPO team who’s also GSSR with DF and/or RF would also qualify. WTFITAA says you, WWELL perhaps the best one to ask would be CMR, 2SL,R`s or HMQ at the MOD, but then it could be the CS`s if your quick, or NCAGS from NE with a FE or similar AWNIS?
    My moneys on the MSAs the QARRNS® & MO`s from the NHS & RN MSO`s as required.

    Or is that to obvious?
  7. Having looked at your other posts thats the most sensible thing you've said yet!
    If you have nothing constructive to add, please find another topic to hijack!
  8. Hands to Teddy Throwing Stations!!

    On a serious note: Retention is the key, get that right and recruiting doesn't become as much of an issue and critical mass stabilises. We will have to live with JPA and 6 months after it is introduced will probably be wondering what all the fuss was about. Will be interesting to see if we still get paid the same amount for training as we do at present. With regard to CLM, I think we will start to see the benefits of the renewed emphasis on LR & POCC. Junior Officers however need more focus on leadership training than at present, we have been guilty of assuming a gold stripe on their shoulder means they have got it cracked.
  9. I must protest of course that is unless you are talking about the other Uncle_Albert.
    I`m only trying to enter into the spirit of things.
    I thought that is how you are supposed to talk over here.

    I am actually quite interested in the content on this forum and I would also suspect that so are a lot of people especially new recruits. So why do you insist on putting people off by talking flobalop.

  10. (Assuming you're not taking the P**s)-why don't you just ask??!!
  11. I shouldn’t need to ask. That post of mine was written in exasperation cause I was trying to read the thread and with all the abbreviations I couldn’t understand a bleedin word of it, all of course IMVHO, oops.
  12. Sorted, have a look at RNR Jackspeak.
  13. To return to the original theme of this topic, I would say that the current key challenge facing the RNR is to demonstrate to one and all that the (potential) major sea change in what we have to do is more than just a new set of words for our Mission Statement. In other words what is going to have to change to show we are no longer just undergoing training and are instead delivering operational capability to the RN.
  14. I agree Lurch, but i think we need to explain the definition of "Operational Capability" and the RN must provide the tools for the job
  15. Currently at sea providing "Operational Capability" to NRF.
    All tools provided by NATO (except pencil in top pocket of my 4's).
    Maybe the RN could learn something?
    BTW I'm not saying its perfect, its a step in the right direction.

  16. RNR
    Really Not Required
    Is that term still used?
  17. Good God, a WEM out of his bed long enough to actually make a contribution! What do they say "8 hours sleep a day and anthing you get at night is a bonus" You obviously have no idea of the contribution the RNR makes to the RN today and are too stuck in your ways to find out. Sorry, we've all heard that one so often it makes no difference anymore, do try and catch up.

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