Kerry Katona - Pig of the Year?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Oil_Slick, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. Was that picture really necessary? Is there a bottomless pit we can throw her and Jade Goody into?
  2. Is there a pit on the planet that big, other than the Marianas Trench ? UGH !
  3. You lot are too choosy. Any port in a storm I say. :thumright:

  4. Never heard of her but she looks a bit of a handfull
  5. Considering she's popping out babies, quicker than Vicky Pollard, she's looking OK. Give the lass a break, she ain't a stick insect and isn't shy of her body. Yes, she's piled on a little during this pregnancy but she's a 'real woman', not like a frigging bulimic, attention seeking hoe.................mind you, she does like the trill of attention seeking and I do bloody wish she'd stop whining like a farking biatch!
  6. Slick, I enjoy your posts usually, but your last does you a disservice. i.e. she's to easy a target! :w00t:
  7. I was blissfully ignorant of this 'celeb', Oil Slick you shall pay!!

    Still she's got a fair pair of......
  8. If everyone was picture perfect then no one would be interested in anyone. At the end of the day - beauty is very much up to the viewer.

    That said, and pregnancy aside, she has let herself slip a little.

  9. Marks out of two? I'd give her one.

    I wouldn't say this comment would be reciprocal though.....but then maybe she's into chubby Jocks, who knows?
  10. I have had a lot worse, still a few pints of stella would smooth of the rough edges..........however i am getting strangly aroused by the thought of her bouncing about in her grollies, fine pair of chebs........ :tp:
  11. Contributor Mode

    Not a lot of Pig comments when she looked like this:


    Then I suppose all the critics get better looking with age and children and being on the piss etc. Leave her alone just as you think other people should do to you.

  12. I bet you would give one thou Nutty wounldnt you?
  13. I still haven't worked out what she does apart from appear on OK every week.

    Still she owns a £3m house, posh cars and her books (wot she obviously wrote herself) have sold shedloads more than mine. Not that I'm bitter... :D
  14. Achmed

    Thanks gets her pic up again, I am so sad and old that I would happily accept her before and after.

    But then I have always been in the School of "Go ugly early"

  15. Two's up Nutty
  16. A well rounded woman is always preferable to a stick insect
  17. Me to mate theres nothing worse than a skin full of beer and sack full of spvnk....and you get rejected by the rocky horror show female cast in the corner of Jesters on a thursday.
  18. you guys should consider yourselves lucky, we get " kerry queen of the jungle" nearly every week in our local rag !
  19. She was in the girl group 'Atomic Kitten', before that I think she was supposed to be a page 3 model or something. She married a dude from 'West Life', had 2 kids from him, divorced him, appeared on a few reality shows, had a public bust up in all papers with mummy dearest and had a bad string of boyfriends.

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