Kerry Katona bankrupt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Aug 24, 2008.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Couldn't have happend to bigger gobshite, no sympathy.
  2. Bankrupt, talentless and ugly to boot. How unfortunate :thumright:
  3. Skanky Munter
  4. Couldn't have happend to bigger gobshite, no sympathy.
    At least she made an effort to better herself, I now await the red banner press headlines and moving stories with interest' will she have brought it all on herself or will she be the seen off pop star! Feel a bit sorry for her myself but hey who ever said life was fair.
  5. Oh how ironic now she will be lucky to eat out of icelands bins.
    Its Aldi for you me lady.
  6. Linky

  7. Talentless but she did the best with what she had and I'll give her that.
    Most of it went up her nose so I have no sympathy.
    I guess her husband was as much to blame,from an ordinary joe to this and ending up with all those cars.
    I never could understand why people want 6/7 cars and motor bikes that are top of the range.If you have a Ferrarri why buyPorche/Aston Martin,Bentley etc plus a top Harley?
    He must have thought all his birthdays had come at once when he married her.
    If they owe 100k then why not sell some cars?
    Guess it's to easy,some red top will pay her for a story same as that Goody bird.
  8. HAHAHAHA Lemon and kidney cheesecake my favourite...
  9. It's pretty poor form to revel in somebody else's misfortune.

    Nothing further to say.
  10. Indeed. Poor cow she deserves much better, Sticking all that charlie up her bugle when she had a family to raise.
  11. I went into the Iceland store in Penzance to get some change for the car park whilst i was there and fcuk me it was something out of a hammer house of horrors production judging by some of the clientele who shopped in there.
  12. All the coke has turned her into Julie Walters. I wonder how that home theft claim went? I hope they sent a decent Loss Investigator.
  13. It's not 'misfortune' it's stupidity.



    The $64,000 question - which one is which
  14. dont care and never will
  15. Let's face it, who really gives a shit and all her debts will be written off, good result for her all round.
  16. And I should give a fcuk, why?
  17. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    But doesn't anyone remember her page 3 days pre atomic kitten? A cracking set of tits. As for that cock she's with he's an ex-matelot. Was on the Boxer with me in the early 90's, I don't remember him, but my oppo lived down the zoo with him and doesn't have a good word for him.
  18. I've got to admit to not having a clue who these people are. Well actually I am aware of the second one. From some telly show about 'reality' innit! As to what they actually 'do' for a living....nope. Do I care? Afraid not, what does that say about me.......maybe I need to read (look at the pictures) the tabloids a bit more.

    I am not a snob...I just refuse to slide further down the food chain!
  19. Maybe you should care seljuk as these slappers do nothing except have a big slice of your telly license fee, demanding hundreds of thousands for appearing on your screen in your home saying sod all and doing even less.

    They believe in some misguided way that they are something big in this world and we should all bow down to them and be amazed by their piss ups in some fancy club.

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