Kent Online: "RN Frigate Company To Help Celebrate 70th Anniversary Of HMS Cavalier"

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, Mar 20, 2014.

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    "Chatham is to have some special guests next month, it has been announced.

    The ship's company from the Royal Navy frigate HMS Lancaster are to arrive to join the 70th anniversary of the launch of HMS Cavalier.

    Cavalier is one of the star attractions at the tourist attraction and will be honoured on April 5 with celebrations organised by the HMS Cavalier Association and supported by the Royal Navy."

    Royal Navy frigate company heading for Chatham Historic Dockyard to help celebrate 70th anniversary of HMS Cavalier
  2. When they said "frigate company", I thought they meant Big And Expensive were going to sponsor the event.
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  3. You're not the only one.
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    "The 70th anniversary of the launch of the Royal Navy's last operational World War Two destroyer is being marked on Saturday in Kent.

    HMS Cavalier was rotting in a dry dock on Tyneside until 1999 when she was bought by Chatham Historic Dockyard, transported to Chatham, and restored.

    It has since been a memorial to the 142 Royal Navy destroyers lost during the war and the 11,000 men who died.

    A church service is being held and a parade through the dockyard.

    Vice Admiral Sir Jeremy Blackham, said: "It is one of only two ships still surviving form the Second World War, the other being HMS Belfast in London, and it is a symbol of the very large number of destroyers which were lost."

    BBC News - Destroyer launch marked 70 years on at Chatham dockyard

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